so the foxhole beez on it.
as soon as i got comfortable starting ozark again,
i get the alert about an update on my desk.
it was the after-effects of onlyfans star,
elijah wilde,
and whatever else went on with malik joseph.
his face tho…

he looks traumatized af and is on the verge of tears.
he has seen some shit cause its all in his eyes.
he has scratches on his face so there was obviously an altercation.
whatever went down must have been really crazy.
i wonder if the others witnessed it as well?

What went down in LA between Elijah Wilde and Malik Joseph?

see your latest mission now.
i’ll update this entry as the whole story is revealed.

lowkey: i need the gay civilians to step away from their careers as porn stars.
let’s look at them as humans with some real shit that happened.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. This is crazy! The fact that these guys still want to film with Malik is insane. I want to know how much he must be paying them.

    1. I thought Elijah Wilde was sooooooo sexy until all of this. Some of the gays have to be extra with it. This is looking more and more like a publicity stunt, and he’s definitely putting himself into the same category as Malik of messy gay. Keep your mouth COMPLETELY shut until after your settlement, before you say something that a defense attorney can use against you. Do like the white gays do; (1) keep your mouth shut, (2) call your attorney, (3) collect that settlement check, (4) let 10 years pass, and (5) then sign a multimillion dollar book deal with an exclusive interview with a major news network. Smh.

      1. He used to be really cute that porn life caught up his skin looks splotchy now and I hate when he does the baby plats

        The truth is these men collab bc someone with a lot of followers to them means a bigger check

        When in reality PRK and Yardie don’t even tag their costars and this be the best videos

        Most boys on social media who have a presence based off sex work are unsexy to me. They just naked all the time . Very average . And you can tell they have no enthusiasm for sex work it’s just a quick cash grab bc rent is due

  2. They use the videos to get paid on their own onlyfans content. They are basically using each other to boost each other’s content.

  3. Even if Elijah doesn’t do anything, its possible the State can press charges against Malik. There is video evidence of bullet holes. If the gun is not registered then they can file charges on behalf of Elijah. They do that when the crime gets public. When it goes viral, the State has no choice but to press charges regardless who called. Malik fired intentionally at Elijah and that’s… possibly attempted murder.

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