as you know,
i’m not like other bloggers or writers.
when i really like someone,
even if it’s a friend or foxhole,
i try to be objective.
other bloggers and writers go straight “kiss ass” with celebs.
if i fuck wit you:

I’m gonna tell you my truth about your truth.

i love rihanna.
she is from my island and i’ve fucked with her since “music of the sun“.
i never cared for asap rocky for her.
when i heard she was pregnant and he was the dad…

i was not a fan of it.
they took cute pics together and i was still not all the way sold.
this rumor popped up (via the shade room) that has the net talking…

if this is true,
i really hate this for her.
you know people are gonna come out the woodworks to drag.
i’ll need them to drag their favs and parents while they are at it.

if this is true,
rocky is dumber than i thought.

What a way to mess up the bag

he had one job and he blew it.
let’s hope she has her paperwork in place so that he doesn’t get a dime.
if not and this is a misunderstanding then so be it.
she needs to have an easy and stress-free pregnancy.

Keep me posted on any developments I may miss.


  1. If its true???

    Rihanna doesn’t care. I strongly believe he was simply a sperm donor!!!! She was ready for a “Black” baby and he was convenient.
    Even if he didn’t “Cheat” , she was ready to have a baby ,not to show her love for him. I don’t feel she loved(s) him . They were never gonna ride into the sunset guys.

    It was always to give her the baby she wants at this time in her life.( Smile) If she wanted more from him she would have married him

    1. I don’t know what their relationship is like, but I get the impression she just really wanted a baby, and she was comfortable with him. She and the baby will be fine.
      Ps I don’t understand dragging Rihanna for getting cheated on. Like how is she responsible for that?

      1. I just re- read my post and it came out wrong. It does appear harsh and for that I appologize .

        I love Rihanna and actually like her and ASAP together. Sometimes printed words come across lacking feelings . I wish I could delete it.

        I meant to say that …”If it were true ( and now we know it is not) she would be okay either way because she is a strong ,talented woman .She has rightfully earned her place and deserves to be happy!

        I agree with your post and thanks for helping me realize my error (smile).

  2. I always thought it was an odd match, however, she ie a smart woman and she was obviously ready to have a child. That said, when she told Vogue magazine how much her mother liked him, i started having my doubts. I hope we are all wrong and they live happily ever after. I believe she needs an equal partner–which seems hard for a billionaire Black woman.

    1. She does need an equal — she had one wih that Saudi Arabian billionaire tycoon. I wish they were still together, bc that dude was RICH and FIONE!

      1. His family was racist. People think money can transcend race. It doesn’t. They didn’t want a half-Black heir to their empire.

  3. I really hope this is not true!! I like them together and both of them look so happy together. I really hope he didn’t take his dick out his pants for other hoe!!! You’re with Rihanna…WTF!! And she’s pregnant with your child!! I hope this is a horrible rumor!!

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