i was in need of an escape.
nothing feels better than getting lost in someone else’s problems.
many of you like reality tv for that reason.
i love a well-scripted drama as you know.
for the past week,
i was hooked on netflix’s ozark.
it stars jason bateman,
laura linney,
and julia garner.

Ozark is Breaking Bad’s baby.
The show is about a family who gets caught up with the cartel through money laundering.
Unlike Breaking Bad,
the entire family knows what’s up.

i started last weekend and finally finished yesterday

“WTF MARTY!?” *Ruth voice*

that had me wrapped up like game of thrones did.
i was on edge the entire time.
the last two episodes of season 3 blew my mind (inside joke incoming).
it literally felt like i was on thin ice.
it was high octane anxiety from start to finish.
i love that shit.
i love that shit with my television viewing.
i’ll confess:

I didn’t know what dirty money meant until watching that show.
I didn’t know anything about the world of money laundering but i def do now

I didn’t know Ozark was even a real place either!!!!!!

so i’m back to reality now.
my mental vacation down in the ozark is over,
but i’ll be right back when they release the final episodes.

Ruth is coming for these hoes.

she started out sus for me but ended up being one of my favorite characters.
i need her protected as she plots their downfall.

lowkey: i loved marty,
wendy is insane with power,
charlotte got her shit together,
jonah drives me crazy,
ben was an eye roll,

the cartel characters annoyed me with their impatience,
wyatt is absolutely stupid,

and darlene is high key crazy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Yes, Ruth is my favorite. Although I really loved her mentally disabled boyfriend, Wendy’s brother (can’t think of his name atm) & was sad he wasn’t on anymore. He is so hot (although Bateman is too)! Also love the younger Mexican cartel guy too. Sexy hispanic get to me!

    So glad you got into the show. What made you decide to watch it? I got into it not too long after season 1 ended. I love Laura Linney & Jason Bateman. The whole cast is stellar. Binging it in one week is intense. I can’t do that. I might watch 2 maybe 3 episodes at once but then I need to do something different.

    1. ^omg i hated that character (ben)

      i was looking for something to watch and my friend recommended it to me.
      i like jason bateman but was not too familiar with laura linney.
      she made me a fan of hers just off this show.

      i wanted to get away into a another world plus the show was so good.
      i was going through it like an addict with a week’s worth of drugs.

      1. Ben could be annoying but he was such eye candy!

        BTW Laura Linney is VERY pro LGBTQIA community even though she is straight (as far as I know). She has been a part of the iconic Tales of the City series written by a gay man, that started in ’94 w/several sequels throughout the years w/many LGBTQIA characters. The most recent was in 2019 & I recently watched it. Olympia Dukakis plays the grand dame of Barbary Lane in SF where all the main characters live. It’s SO good I’d highly recommend it.

        Linney has been in a lot of movies too. Just love her as a person! Check out her filmography:n

  2. Yes yes yes! Stellar freakin class, Laura Liney is my fav, she is a total power hungry dangerous b-tch. The way they weave this story is incredibly entertaining and it I feel it just shows you the true face of white america,. What our view is like versus theirs.

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