whenever i see males getting exposed by trans vixens,
my first question ALWAYS is:

If trans vixens are real women,
why are they shaming males for being attracted and dating them?

it never gets answered but i’ll keep asking.
ex-rapper and ex-owner of the source,
is being exposed for dating trans-vixen,
shauna brooks.
50 started the exposure a few days ago:


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and shauna brooks took the shovel by exposing this convo…

Benzino Exposed For Allegedly Having A Relationship With Transgender Actress Shauna Brooks! – powered by FlyHeight

why is benzino acting like he did something wrong?
why is he acting embarrassed?
he is straight and shauna is a vixen.
i’m confused.
i need some trans vixens to pick a struggle.

Either you’re gay males in drag or women.

when males deal with you,
the idea should be it’s like dealing with cis-gendered vixens.
there should be any embarrassment or an outing.

Men aren’t outing other males for being with women,

…but benzino is acting like there is something wrong.
shauna and 50 are making him feel like there is something wrong.
50 caption is making it seem like benzino was dealing with another male.

so the communities can fight amongst themselves.
unless she is exposing him for cheating or abuse,
rather than using this to weaponize his sexuality,

this is a non-story.

lowkey: trans vixens can’t be both at the same time.
you are either one or the other when it comes to dating other males.
you can’t fight to be treated like a woman,
but exposing males who date you like you’re another male.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Many of these “Straight men” get labeled as “Gay”/Bi” due to their attraction to Transwomen who still have a penis.[ Pre-Op ] These men enjoy performing oral and receiving anal. I know some who are sexually aroused by this.

    I believe sex is mental . Sex is more of a spectrum of personal taste. Some people need to have specific stimulation.

    At the end of the day its two adults who become intimate. (To me anyway)

    1. 50 is a sissy…my cousin used to beat his ass! Same lil bitch, he’s just rich now.

  2. For me, it is just so messy for the Trans ladies to take the bait and out these guys. Discretion is just almost non-existent. I would never ever talk if I had a celeb situation. Anybody remember Russell Hollywood Henderson? Exactly! He goes down as the dumbest dummy of all. Outing Kerry and losing the whole bag over some stupid shit.

    1. I would rather be a secret with a single celebrity DL man, then out him and have him marry a WHOLE WOMAN!

      A dummy and a half.

      I would NEVER run my mouth.

  3. Benzino was on clubhouse recently calling gay men “doo doo smashers” and “bologna diggers” .

    1. ^all these males are confused and weird.
      i miss when celebs were more elusive.
      tabloids use to expose celebs rather than this mess on socials.

  4. 50 is messy. He always doing too much, like the nosy ass neighbor on the block. LOL
    I wouldn’t be surprised if HE’S one of the super-closeted entertainment folks he likes to talk shyt about.

    1. I’m with you. There is something about these folks who bark so loud and are always dragging others . ( Not that this is a Gay trait ) Not that it isn’t either . Ha ha ha

  5. 50
    Is Miss Bonita from In Living Color. He is a messy sissy, always starting stuff up. He and Dead Eye Dick Boosie should team up and bump pussy. They are both fascinated by trans women and gay men.

  6. Thank you Jamari. Transwomen, crossdressers, drag queens…are not the same as a gay man. The fact people act like they are is weird.

    Lord knows drag queens, transwomen and crossdressers have pursued me. But I’m a gold star gay! If they look like a woman, my dudes ain’t swimming!

    Gay men have this weird obsession with bisexuality/pansexuality. Where because a man has slept with women, because he sleeps with transwomen he is somehow “100% gay”. HOW SWAY?

    Y’all are the main ones “masc for masc”, so if he is inside the cheeks and she tucks/gets bottom surgery, what exactly is gay about it? I get biologically, but visually he sees a woman!

    Now the ones who get topped by transwomen, I have no comment on. I am talking about the tops who see it as “a hole is a hole and I’m going to get my nutt”

    Lord knows the gay community is mostly bottoms so why are we qualified to speak on someone who only penetrates? Be quiet and be happy with your moment with him.

    Exposing him won’t make him marry you…

  7. Jamari, I understand you tryna keep it pc, but can we be respectfully be real? There are women and there are trans-women, there is a difference,

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