what a perfect day to hate on rihanna and her moment at the superbowl

we celebrate rihanna.
what a career she has.
swept off my island and into an industry without the help of nepotism.
she endured trauma but showed her resilience.
after being counted out many times,
she continued to bounce back until she reached billionaire status.
that is an inspiration to all of us as black folks who want to make it.
she is having a 13-minute concert at some football game.
you can’t go anywhere without seeing her face and the excitement of her return.


sometimes i forget that behind all the fanfare,
there comes hate as well…

…and the worse is when the hate comes from our own.
is it jealousy?
some black folks are just never happy and always miserable.
you don’t have to like rihanna,
her voice,
or the way she chooses to do things.

As grown-ass black women on a public platform tho…?

especially in the “support black women” era of life…

ESPECIALLY when she came out with a makeup line with her people in mind.
she has a makeup line that covers various shades for darker black skin.
The white makeup companies didn’t even offer that before she did it.

even if she goes up there and fucks up,
she got up there.
there are many black folks in entertainment that i’m “eh” about.
the ones i usually can’t stand are problematic af.
if you haven’t been problematic,
i will support you even if it’s silent.

We already have some white people wanting to end our existence and stories of how we made it.

when it comes to white folks,
some of us hardly have this same energy when they win at life.

Many of us are still conditioned to have a “field slave” mentality.

…and ima need people to address their trauma.
i can’t wait to see what rih does tonight.
this is a big moment and if this is the last performance of her career,
i hope she goes out with a bang.

lowkey: i’m bored of the rihanna vs beyonce storyline.
this has been a thing since 2003.
some folks are too grown for stan wars like they are 16-year-old girls.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “what a perfect day to hate on rihanna and her moment at the superbowl”

  1. If Rihanna is indeed pregnant again, I don’t know why she didn’t decline/defer. I’m not saying you have to be slim, as Lizzo ALWAYS puts on a show, but there weren’t any outfit changes(Rihanna is iconic for her fashion) and that blanket she was wearing was not it.

    At one point when it was going through all the dancers, I thought she’d reveal another outfit she’d been changing. Nope.

    I didn’t understand the aesthetics, them all in white and her in red or why the dancers didn’t shed them baggy clothing for new outfits during different song transitions. Nothing about the performance made me say “I need to know who choreographed it” “I need that outfit the dancers are wearing”. This felt like a family member dancing at a party. Not a Superbowl performance.

    The interpreter for ASL was more entertaining than Rihanna.

    My main gripe is the Superbowl is a time to remix your old songs and make them fresh. She could’ve done so many TikTok remixes. Brought out fans to dance some of her older songs that have gone viral.

    I was very disappointed and kept holding my breath, saying to wait and not judge, but still underwhelmed.

    Rihanna does not have a passion for performing anymore.

  2. Rihanna is ….
    In Love
    Having a 2nd Blessing ( child)
    and Winning!!!!

    I am happy for her. I dont think she cares about toxic, sad people who have access to a phone and the “Free” comment section of some app. ( Ha ha ha (

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