i like when straight wolves don’t gaf.
now what i mean is…

They don’t GAF when around gay males regardless of what others think.

as the forests get more tolerant,
and gay isn’t the boogeyman to many,
there are plenty of straight males who have a bromance with gay males.
todrick hall and lamar odom got very close on this season’s celebrity big brother…

…but aht aht,
don’t get too tingly inside because Todrick was being fake.

i mean it’s a competition but todrick ended up voting him out.

lamar posted this after he was dismissed:


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shortly after,
todrick got voted out.
not only did he end up with an egg on his face,
but he was also the ultimate sore loser by canceling all appearances.
per page six:

Todrick Hall canceled interviews about his time on “Celebrity Big Brother” after a near-unanimous loss in Wednesday’s finale, Page Six confirms.

Season 3 winner Miesha Tate, third-place finisher Cynthia Bailey and newly minted America’s Favorite Houseguest Carson Kressley all went forward with their interviews as planned.

A rep for Hall did not immediately respond when Page Six asked why he pulled out of the interviews and whether he plans to reschedule.

The singer and dancer was lambasted on social media over the last-minute decision, which came after an icy finale that saw many of his co-stars calling out his deceitful gameplay.

it seemed he wasn’t too liked in the house or by viewers.
folks apparently saw his true colors and got turned off by him.
this is why some folks should stay off these reality shows.
those masks end up falling off and revealing an insufferable personality.

article cc: page six

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. If Todrick wasn’t Todrick, his gameplay would be more appreciated among the fans. Unfortunately, Todrick is Todrick so the show only confirmed what we already viewed him as

  2. I have mixed feelings with this one. You have to be somewhat deceitful to win on shows like this. I can’t recall any Big Brother or Survivor winner that didn’t lie their way to the finale. In the words of Cercei Lannister “when you play the game of thrones, you play to win or you die.” However it seems like he has a reputation for being fake in real life as well. If he was a genuine person and went on this show and played to win I don’t think there would be all this noise about it.

    1. Earl Cole survivor Fiji played an honest game and was the first time I saw a black male win Survivor with overwhelming support from the people voted off. It is possible to play a good game but Big Brother is all about jury management and Toddrick must have missed that memo.

  3. Bet yall a years subscription to Amazon Prime that those are contacts or surgical implants in his eyes !!! LMAO

  4. I tried to give him a chance before judging him when he first hit the scene . However, he reminds me of ” Messy ,Calculated Queens” I knew . Gifted ,Talented ,but still mean with no need to be.

  5. Todrick would push a Black 10/10 into traffic for a white -10/10.

    He is that dangerous token who will sabotage everybody else Black for whatever pathetic trinket he sees as having value.

    He’s a talented singer, choreographer and visionary but is emotionally handicapped when it comes to self-awareness with people who look like him.

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