i’ll be honest,
i’m tired of black folks getting involved when we aren’t appreciated.
even in a war between white folks,
we are still the enemy.
with everything happening between ukraine and russia,
as much as i hate all this senseless violence,
this is what stopped me from being emotionally involved…

people can’t expect to treat others like shit but allow this behavior.
folks want you to stand with them but suddenly forget.
people tend to have a short memory when shit goes down.
no offense:

Black folks need to learn to mind their business.

i send my sympathy for all the lives lost and pray for peace,
but i will not be getting emotionally involved.
i stopped being emotionally involved in things that don’t serve me.
…and let this also serve as a lesson for when/if things go down over here.
we will be at the back of the bus or not on it at all.
stay woke.

lowkey: some white folks and coonish black folks will try to gaslight you.
when it’s our issues,
folks be silent.


  1. This is absolutely the worst thing I have ever read. We are on the verge of World War. Do you even know what “World” means? Our World encompasses many people of many colors. Many Religious, Cultural, Political, Economical beliefs….regardless of color. Do you know what genocide means? It happens in countries based on a leader’s belief that others are inferior. Regardless of color. It’s called the Powerful using Power.

  2. Liberationchief , great comment I feel as though that’s a long overdue conversation that needs to happen in the community; also great comment S&M, you kind of stole my thunder.

    I don’t want to see anybody suffering but covid should have highlighted something that flew over a lot of people’s heads. When covid happen one of the first things you saw nations do was to shutdown their boarders and restrict access. At the end of the day citizenship matters; it’s weird because in the United States we tend to see no value in our citizenship and try to give it to any and every one, but most of the world be it 1st world or 3rd world nations value theirs. Regrettably, those Africans in the Ukraine are caught in an unfortunate situation and there is a humanitarian argument that can and should be made; but, you can’t blame Ukraine for putting Ukraine citizens first.

  3. The country in which you are a citizen has to get you out, just like when this happened the US stated about working to get US citizen out safely. You’re not allowed just free passage into other countries because they cannot verify during crisis and that’s how it’s always been so yeah…

  4. I “not interested” every post on it. Will continue to do so.

    One time a friend and I were watching a show and a white child was killed. We both got emotional and he remarked that we could have empathy for a child who didn’t look like us, but have to “explain” Black Lives Matter vs ALM.

    I’m done worrying about white people and straight Black people.

    Notice now Black men don’t go up for Black women killed.
    They still brutalize cis and trans Black women.
    Don’t let it be my gay azz shot by a cop.

    They take out rival rappers for lyrics.
    But Zimmerman still breathes.

    So, when the apocalypse comes, I’m not “rooting for everybody Black”.

    I’m rooting for the ones who wouldn’t have reported me to Massa if I tried to escape the plantation.

    1. Black IPV is equal. When a black woman kills a black boy there is no news, despite it being an every day occurrence.
      You keep saying “black trans women” but those people get counted as men at the end of the day, statistically. I’m not participating in somebody’s imaginary playworld. Intersectionals always say “black men kill” but use dead black men to promote themselves.
      Girls with knives who were in the process of taking another black girl’s life – get compared to 11 year olds with toy guns.
      Women who kill their sons get ignored for people who lose in mutual domestic violence situations, like BW, who statistically initiate physical violence more than any other group. You wouldn’t have tried to escape the plantation, you would have had massa babies and inherited slaves like the majority of black urban slave owners: Females.

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