i have been a silly hoe.
not in the literal sense,
depending on which era of my life i was in,
but i was giving a part of me away for “something”.
i was spreading myself far and wide for love and affection.
when i looked at how many bodies i collected,
and how we were all virtual strangers at this point,
i realized that these folks don’t need direct access to me anymore.
so in my new rebrand,
and rebecoming

The first start was changing my number.

going forward,
folks can contact me on my social media or email.
 no one really needs my number.
most people use social media as their main point of contact anyway.
we can send nudes,
do video calls,
and group chats on socials…

Why give my number out?

i don’t care how sexy the wolf is and how much i’d let him smash

…he can DM me and we can make arrangements.
i gave my number out as a way of keeping connected with people.
if i met a male i was interested in,
i wanted them to have my number.
i guess in my quest to be loved and accepted,
i passed that old number around like my body parts at a sex party.
in the end,
i had a contact list filled with nobodies.

Nobodies who stopped reaching out after the honeymoon phase was done.
Nobodies that I don’t even fuck with anymore.
Nobodies that probably had a wack dick to begin with.

you’ll learn where you stand with people when you stop posting on socials.
so i’m starting fresh and unless you are serious about being in my life,
i’ll slide my number after i see where the vibe is at.
even still…

lowkey: i’m in screening process mode.
i’ve learned where i stand with some folks.
i don’t need them being able to directly contact me.