QUICKIE: The Other Wolf Who ALLEGEDLY Got Robbed By The Jackal

sorry boys.

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “QUICKIE: The Other Wolf Who ALLEGEDLY Got Robbed By The Jackal”

  1. rule #1: never send emails to the jumpoff
    rule #2: never send a text … live conversations only
    rule #3: cell off ipad off laptop off and NO lights on before you hit it.
    rule #4: if its not a one nighter sign the confidential agreement… no black mail later

  2. lol if a sex tape comes out he’ll have a chance to be a porn star i guess…….i dont see him being able to do much else because he didnt think ahead of time to think about his future. whos gonna wanna hire him based off his criminal record alone? and if they were gonna hire him hes in the news now so hes gonna be thought of as bad news and no one will hire him…unless he sleeps with them i guess

  3. J honey you say it all the time wolves know when they talking to a quality fox that boi is a bling queen you could see it in his eye that man who fist my cute elmo has been in this life on the dl and the out and about so i know he could spot a bling queen a mile as far as i am concern he put him self out for that. Extortion never cool but so is sexual exploitation he would have treated this boy like a king funding his life style leading his own self to be extorted. But he knew the risk but hitting that ass was more important cause older men always think they a step ahead.

  4. I just thought about something…isnt the guy that played elmo, the same guy that was on that episode of the game when they found out their teammate was gay. The guy that was trying to get with
    tasha mack son (forgot his name). And he was responsible for them becoming more comfortable with a gay person being on the team. Quite ironic!

  5. Now this story is the real story about this dude, how this Ninja not remember being robbed unless their was more than business involved. Wow this is some crazy shit. This queen is treacherous.

    1. Nope my bad. It was him. Now I’m dropping my head in embarrassment lol. That episode was a minute ago, I had to go back and check. Yes that is ironic.

  6. @ The Man…sorry I cant do follow up comments from my phone lol. I thought that was him. I can now pick my head up and strut proudly lol!

  7. Acccording to news reports this stunt queen was never charged for stealing that $250,000 in jewelry. How could dude forget whether he was robbed at knifepoint???

    Hey shit, we all gay. We have seen shit like this happen before. All you got to read between the lines in these news stories. I betcha $20 and a two-piece meal at Popeyes this is what really went down.

    Sheldon “The Jackal” Stephens met music manager Darian Pollard, and started a sexual relationship on the DL because Pollard can’t be out in the music industry. So Pollard hires Jackal as his “intern” so they can be with each other all the time but it just looks like business.

    They fall out (Pollard figures out Jackal is just a user and the ass really ain’t all that good) and The Jackal leaves him and heads back East but takes the jewelry because hey, “I deserve this shit because of all that ass I gave this nigger.”

    Pollard gets mad his jewelry is missing but hey, he can’t follow through on filing charges because his business would have been all out. Because Jackal is messy, messy, messy.

    Jackal then moves on to his next victim Mr. Elmo. The ass is good for awhile and then Clash figures out dude is a trifling user and drops him.

    But instead of taking jewelry this beady eyed, bitter bitch tries to extort Clash. That shit fails when Clash’s lawyers figure out the two couldn’t have met when he was 16 — that was eight years ago! Matter of fact I bet the Jackal tells people he is really just 18 because some tricks just love that barely legal poontang.

    Jackal is a dumb, wannabee famous bitch who will end up broke in the projects of Harrisburg. You know he comes from a dysfunctional background. Did you check out what went down with his mother? She stabbed her husband with scissors! They some crazy mofos!

    What he should have done is used his connections to Pollard and Clash to learn the entertainment industry, get his degree and land a solid job. But stunt queens don’t want to work. They think because I’m young, cute and skinny somebody is going to pay my way.

    What they don’t realize that just around the corner there is somebody younger and more handsome and much less messy who can take their place.

  8. BS. the guy remembers something went down and thats why he aint saying shit…plus you notice he’s a “darkie”..U see ain there something “wrong” with em?

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