EXPOSED: Everyone Meet The Jackal Who Tried To “Fuck” Elmo.

ready to see who was trying to frame elmo?…

The young man who accused Kevin Clash of underage sex (before he recanted) has been revealed as Sheldon Stephens, a 24-year-old aspiring model/actor from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  On his Facebook page, he says of himself, “I like to consider myself a rare breed. I’m very spontaneous and random…I’m determined and goal oriented. My destiny is laid on a solid gold brick pathway……. MY FUTURE IS BRIGHT and never will it dim.

Though it has not been revealed how Sheldon even met 52-year-old Kevin (back when he was only 16), what has been revealed is a scandalous past full of run-ins with the latw since 2009.  He was first arrested for writing hot checks in Harrisburg (but he later settled his debt), then he pleaded guilt to reckless driving.

And most shockingly, he was arrested for robbing his old boss, music manager Darian Pollard, for $250K in jewelry at knifepoint! As far as that case goes,  Darian didn’t file charges and told The Smoking Gun that he doesn’t remember being robbed.  SMH.

But trouble in Sheldon’s life didn’t stop there as his mother, Felicia Stephens, was charged with attempted murder after she allegedly stabbed her husband with a pair of scissors…repeatedly. All of this went down in March and now she is facing a felony aggravated assault rap and is due in court December 19. SMH. (Interesting that the time of his mother facing these charges overlaps with the time Sheldon was negotiating with Seaseme Street about the supposed “allegations.  Was someone trying to make money for legal fees?)

And we told you previously that there was speculation (by TMZ) that a six-figure settlement was on the table between Kevin and Sheldon.  And now that report is looking VERY suspect (most likely the site was trying to cover their asses)…and probably NEVER happened. TSG said,

“Shortly after the statement’s release, TMZ scrambled to publish a story (citing “sources close to the situation”) claiming that attorneys for Clash and the accuser were, right then, purportedly “discussing a financial settlement and 6-figures were on the table.” At that point, however, Stephens was no longer being represented by Andreozzi & Associates, the Harrisburg law firm, and had no other legal representation. The issuance of the statement was done as a courtesy by Stephens’s former counsel, who noted that, “He will have no further comment on the matter.”

We all know timing is everything….maybe Sheldon was trying to think of quick ways to make money for his mom’s legal defense…which we’re sure must be MAJOR.  We’re thinking if your mom is accused of murder in March, you wouldn’t spend  the summer going back and forth with legal counsel at Sesame Workshop unless you thought you’d get something out of it for the future.  That time COULD have been spent comforting your mother and helping prep her case.  SMH.

Whatever his reasons were…he did confirm he had a consensual relationship with Mr. Clash and not before the age of 18.  But Kevin now has a damaged reputation.


why is this always the situation?
you meet someone in this lifestyle and they just ain’t shit.
his rap sheet is bananas!
there is so many things wrong with this entire situation now.
he robbed his ex manager?
i can’t…

i hope mister clash did not know about this and still pursued.

2013 is going to all about RED FLAGS and BACKGROUND CHECKS.
these hyenas and jackals like to pull the okey doke on you.
usually attached to some nice body, good looking, and serious mind alerting dick/cheeks.

which equal too..

you about to be stupid under the influence of good sex.
this is why i only talk to wolves who are established or getting there.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Everyone Meet The Jackal Who Tried To “Fuck” Elmo.”

  1. I swear if I ever get rich no one will know it. This shit right here is why I don’t trust 99.9% of people. When you add money, envy, or sex to the equation and they can spot a weakness, people you thought you could trust will turn into savage animals.

    1. ^JAY its so bad!!
      i’m ready like “damn that shit would not have happened to me at all”.
      this is all to familiar in EVERY lifestyle.
      i have heard about so many people getting fucked over like this.
      loneliness and low self esteem is a bad combo.

      1. I can’t even imagine those two as a couple. Dude’s kids are probably 24. They probably had an arrangement where he bought him shiny things and he let him fuck.

        People call me callous, but you have to a have a sense of discernment these days. People will spit that P.C. bullshit about “I’m gonna do this, be that, I have dreams etc”, but there are some people out there that have no other goal in life but to come up off someone else! You don’t have to be rich to attract a con artist either. They’ll come up off YOUR creativity, connections, and intelligence.

        They’re not going to come in a dusty package either…

  2. This is really sad, poor kevin that rep of his is stained and this hyena seems like a bomb ready to go off. I guess it’s a lesson for everyone else in the business.

  3. his twitter:

    and another shot:


    Sheldon Stephens
    From/Reside: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Age: 23
    Height: 5’10”
    In 75 words or less, tell us why you should be considered as a cover model for OBVIOUS?: I would love to be considered as a cover model for OBVIOUS because I believe that I could bring the creative skills as a model to help portray the look that OBVIOUS is looking for. I’ve always wanted to land a major project such as this one. It will help restore my confidence and to give me a better outlook on the future of my career. OBVIOUS represents everything that I’m trying to accomplish.

  4. This is why you have to be careful who you mess with. Some men see a dude with a cute face and a fat ass and the first thing they want to do is holla, but they fail to realize that same dude may have baggage with him. This lifestyle is so centered around sex that everything else gets overlooked, it’s sad if you ask me. My mom always told me everything that looks good ain’t always good. This should be a lesson to Kevin and everyone else also.

  5. i really do hope people think twice whether they are famous or not about who they are messing with because times is rough and people will try they best to get ahead no matter what they gotta do who they gotta do or who they gotta fuck over and ruin they life to make they life better and karma is a bitch

  6. First of all, when you look like the Elmo dude, you already know what time it is when a young dude is hollering at you. Calvin Klein is a prime example of someone else who just got played by a young dude, of course he had the money to pay to make the story not seem so bad. We are all vulnerable in this lifestyle to be used, add a fine body, and good sex in the mix and the chances go up even more. As I have stated before, I dont blame men with money who frequent escorts for their sexual satisfaction and discretion, for reason like this. I think one thing you gotta do when dealing with dudes is keep all your personal things locked away in a safe place(bank accounts, Identification,investments, jewerly, etc) and you have to let a Ninja know that you will “two piece” their ass if they try to fuck over you at least thats the message I always try to convey and most of all dont fall for sad ass stories from these dudes, we all got to stand on our own.

  7. I think Clash is such an introvert & “geek,” that he didn’t see the signs cuz dude was interested in him. I’m guessing Kevin didn’t get a lot of attention as a kid, so he fell for the okey-doke

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