Is This Who Frankie Is Giving The Meat Too?

is this your new boy toy?…

well let’s see him

apparently frankie’s meat is tagging this walls…
… or is the other way around?
everyone meet willie cartier.

a model.
(they always get the models once the money comes in huh?)

this is them at the gq men of the year party recently:

look at how frankie is looking at him.
i know that look anywhere.
this is willie’s arm on frankie’s instagram:


i guess of my readers was right if this is true.
frankie loves his clear people.
i can just imagine the smash session between these two…
pullin on all that hair…

… or is it the other way around?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

47 thoughts on “Is This Who Frankie Is Giving The Meat Too?”

  1. hes cute i was kinda hoping that he was into light people wasnt true to be honest tho. maybe he will date someone who isnt clear but will someone who isnt clear put up with just wanting him and not what he has and if he could find that person i guess is the question.

    1. ^you know when the money comes in,
      the wolves/hybrids/and foxes get lighter.
      even the straights go after the light skin hoes.
      you go after the ones who didn’t want you when you were poor…

      “Now all the teachers couldn’t reach me
      And my momma couldn’t beat me
      Hard enough to match the pain of my pop not seeing me, so
      With that disdain in my membrane
      Got on my pimp game
      Fuck the world my defense came
      Then Dahaven introduced me to the game
      Spanish Jose introduced me to cane
      I’m a hustler now
      My gear is in and I’m in the in crowd
      And all the wavy light skinned girls is loving me now
      My self esteem went through the roof man I got my swag
      Got a vocal from this girl when her man got bagged
      Plus I hit my momma with cash from a show that I had
      Supposedly knowing nobody paid Jaz wack ass
      I’m getting ahead of myself, by the way, I could rap
      That came second to me moving this crack
      Gimme a second I swear
      I will say about my rap career
      Til ’96 came niggas I’m here
      – December 4th, Jay-Z

      1. lmao true that. i would want frank tho but i cant really speak too much cause me and the guy is the same skin complexion. i swear i want people to be over race and just date who likes them instead of sticking to our own race or going for a clear guy. i mean do what attracts you but it irritates me to see people on dating websites with so many high standards then wanna cry cause they alone. or go somewhere and checkin out whats “in” at the moment. i wonder if dating someone clear wasnt popular would people still do it? its overrated to me. i saw that look too so i think they are dating and i damn sure wouldnt mind waking up with a text from frank or someone who is in his looks department. i think hes different than the wolfs you usually post but i still like him. he look better than adamn lambert boyfriend! lol

  2. Damn Frank. I’m a little disappointed lol. We don’t even know if that’s his man tho, so I can’t assume, but I really don’t care lol. Well shit after what happened with Kevin Clash I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this more often. Black men in the entertainment world might start dating outside their race to avoid messy situations. A white dude will take his money and shut up but a black dude ain’t gonna do that lol. Just something to think about.

    1. id shut up and take his money if i was darker. but id still be getting my own money too cause i want to bring in my own bacon so to speak too. i still wanna meet frank and see what hes like. jackals is fuckin up a regular guys chances and imma need them to cease and desist at once!

  3. When I saw that picture of them at the GQ awards I said yup! It’s legit because I know that look from anywhere Frankie gave him. But wassup with getting with the “light skins” after the money comes in? I always noticed that happens with straight/gay people become a somebody.

  4. Yeah Frankie was giving him that…yeah i’m hitting that eye lol! I imagine some flip flopping going on there…and I bet Frankie is a FREAK! The innocent looking ones usually are!

  5. I am happy for Frank. If that is his boo, fuck what the world thinks. Who is to say they weren’t fucking before the fame? Who is to say that is even his boo (can’t we have close friends?). Frank dates one non black dude and the kids go crazy…smdh..I guess it’s the world we live in…

    Go Frank O.!

      1. I know that is some type of sarcasm but I am just over this issue.

        If I become rich and famous, I gotta make sure to get a DARKER skinned black dude so that people won’t think i sold out. Hell sometimes our worst experiences come from our own people but we don’t talk about that. It’s like all lighter skinned people are capable of being evil.

        Usher married a darker skinned woman against his own mother (and his fans) and look where it got him. People are people and you will get hurt. Sure there are some lighter skinned people who won’t get with a black man unless he had money but not everyone is like that. Why are black people still frowning on interracial dating, esp in the gender non conforming community?

        Somebody answer that for me..

        So yeah I am going against the grain and wish Frankie and his alleged boo nothing but the best since nobody else will. All in all, he probably don’t give two shits about any of our opinions..

        1. ^hey i’m happy for him.
          i want to be the fly on the wall to see frank tearin that up from the back with a fist full of hair in his hand.

          i think i just turned myself on.

  6. Now, Im not going to say ‘I told you so’. Thats what im NOT going to do. lol

    How dare anyone be surprised by this. Frank with someone who looks like his reflection? Psh! Wishful thinking. Her Becky/Billy is more on the Lestat or Lucian side of things. How…Avant Garde.. of her.

      1. You know i wasnt going to let this slide! They all got on me for not seeing it for her. They went on and on about how great she is and what a role model she is for young black gay youth out there. And then she goes out and instead of buying herself some vintage hatchback she gets a brand new sports car and people are like… huh? Cancelling shows without saying anything to her fans and then performing on tv or posting on her tumblr or twatting. And now she got herself an ‘Armand and people find this to be out of left field and telling themselves that they’re happy for her? Oh. Okay.

        1. ^not to mention the fixing of his gap.
          that is when I knew he took a turn to hollywood.

          do you think frank used that “deep” cover to throw off his insecurity?
          i felt like he is doing everything now because before,
          he may not have felt good enough.
          you know when you start seeing more dollar signs and you can fuck whoever you want in the lifestyle,
          you start to change little things.

    1. It’s too damn cold for all this shade Vain is throwing, but I agree. Lol

      At least he’s sort of cute though. I hate when people go outside of their race for the ugly ones. Lol

    2. Yes! The bridging of the gap was a red flag! Wait a minute, shes not as against the grain as we thought. I do think she writes and expresses herself well. Cant really fake that. But the person whos emerging is who she always was and people sort of put her in a box too early. Who was to say that Forest Gump or Pink Matter was about a black man? Whos to say her hipsterness was authentic? We didnt really know her whrn she came out and i think thats why we sort of have moments where she does stuff and people scratch their heads. Perhaps when Chris(tina) Brown’s cousin was chasing her X6 down through traffic and yelling obscenities at her… he was doing so because she may not be who people imagine her to be. She may be the kind of girl who has instances like that coming because of who she may actually be.

  7. Whoa, you guys are jumping the gun. Before he met the exotic-looking star fucker (Willy), he was with Ray, who is a friend of Odd Future. He was the reason behind Ocean tweeting the “I quit” thing a few weeks back. They broke up and unfollowed each other on Twitter and Insta (my detective work) So he does like niggas, he just happens to be with this particular dude at the moment. It’s no secret Frank likes the exotic, unconventional-looking dudes. Look at all his favorites and likes on Tumblr. Mostly pictures of that blonde dude from Rihanna’s video.

    Frank and his ex (Ray)

  8. WTF? Clear people?! It’s too sad in 2012 to read that we black folks are still caught up with the light skin / dark skin madness. Even though I shouldn’t be surprised I am still quite baffled at how racial issues amongst the black community are still such an issue. You would think that we would be at a point now that we wouldn’t still be walking around with hatred in our hearts for each other because of skin color; especially as we consistently acknowledge ourselves as “the black community.” It’s evident from our recent election how some white folks feel about us. It’s equally unfortunate that we are quickly judgemental and distribute stereotypes based on each other’s color like Halloween candy.

    1. They mad because he ‘went to Hollywood’. Given the damn chance, they would do the SAME thing if not worse. When I read that ‘clear people’ statement, I was OVER it. ‘CLEAR’ people?? really??? A black man can’t win in America. Just be happy for the man, damn! This is what you call ‘crab in a barrel’ mentality. Oh look he is doing ‘good’ now and he got a ‘white’ one on his arms, let tear him down! Stick a fork in me because I am WELL done.

  9. you can’t make jokes,
    can’t use certain terms in the gay community,
    can’t say this,
    can’t say that,
    can’t like a certain man,
    can’t be in a certain role,
    can’t be d/l,
    can’t be discreet,
    can’t be dark skinned,
    can’t be light skinned,
    can’t be skinny,
    can’t be fem,
    can’t be masculine,
    can’t be in-between,
    can’t be private,
    can’t be not private,
    can’t blink, look to the left, and walk backwards…

    LOL it’s baffles me sometimes.

    1. Fox; you have an awesome blog. My partner follows you religiously and this was how i discovered you. I read your comments and those of others. Evidently, skin color still remains to be an issue with some folks. As a person of mix races I’ve heard these types of jokes all of my life. In regards to Frank, people like what they like and I support that.

  10. I really don’t think Frank is seeing this guy. I don’t even think the dude is gay to be honest. He is hot though I’m not going to lie. Ol dude is pretty as shit lol. The issue is not that he’s dating a man of a different race. I think some feel that he’s selling out his own kind because of his status. Either black men aren’t his type, or he doesn’t like the way black men carry themselves. If that’s the case then I can kind of understand. We can be the worst sometimes, lets face it. I don’t care what no one says that’s the truth. I find myself out of line all the time when it comes to dealing with guys. As soon as I spaz out and shit I always look stupid and it’s all because I jump to conclusions without knowing the story, but a lot of us do that and that’s the main issue if some gay black men are dating outside their race. Straight black men do the same thing with black women. They date Becky’s because black women are too much to handle when it comes to their attitudes. The same is happening with in our community also.

  11. Its cute when people are all ‘Love is Love’ and go on and on about how color doesnt matter and we should all be accepting. Until a black person states that they prefer all things white or of a lighter skin tone. Anything but what looks like they do. And then you walk down the aisles of your local beauty supply store and see the skin lightening cream and are reminded that we are taught that we are not beautiful. At least those of us of a certain hue. That paper bags were used to deny you access. That black, in many aspects of the entertainment, marketing, beauty, entertainment world, often has curly hair, light eyes, or very light skin and im suppose to look at that image and say ‘Hey, thats me!’ When you see famous black men choose those of a much lighter shade over and over again you can’t help but think it isn’t the personality thats the common deminiator. The color of your dark skin, for many of us in the undesirable category, is always salient in our daily lives. Especially in our romantic ones. Why do black people get upset when they see interracial couples? Because the basis of the phenomena is often communicated as ‘Their non-blackness makes them of value and your blackness comes with many undesireable traits.’

    1. I’m confused. In the straight world black women love dark skin men, and light skin men are less valuable because they are too pretty or cocky. Light skin men are the ones trying to make a come back the last time I checked, I don’t get it. Idris Elba, Blair Underwood, Lance Gross are just a few dark skin men that are loved by women and men. I guess it depends on the way the man looks though. I’m only chocolate toned but I consider myself dark skin. I personally haven’t had any issues in the straight or gay world about my complexion, and I don’t know any dark skinned men who are looked down upon because of their complexion, so I want to know where are all these “undesirable dark skin men are?”

      1. ^sometimes,
        i think it has to do with looks when it comes to these “light vs dark” skin color issues.
        other factors is online dating and how much the internet has influenced everyone into what “beauty” is.
        all the attention whores are light skin with tats.
        bkbrandon and dwayne are fine as hell…
        and brown.

        i will admit people who are mixed have bad experiences,
        but other times,
        the rest are excuses.

      2. Colorism is huge in the gay world. Its amplified by online dating and social media. There is a very large preference for lighter skin. Ive met plenty of dark skinned men who will claim to be ‘brown’ in order to move away from being labeled dark. Ive seen plenty who will avoid sunlight because they do not wish to get darker. The attention whores with the light skin, tats, and athletic builds we see are social are being supported by the same colorism. Sure, we can name a few dark skin celebrities who are regarded as attractive but that isnt any indication that colorism does not exist. Although someone may not say they have issues dating dark skin men, it may not reflect their dating choices if you pay close enough attention.

    2. Sometimes it’s just your own insecurities with your skin color and negative experiences with men.

      Black people who are upset about interracial relationships are either jealous or insecure. Why get upset about something that is not your business, not even about you or your feelings, and does not affect you?

      If you want to date your reflection have at it, but stop hating others who don’t–it’s about them and not you or melanin, or paper bag tests.

      On the rare occasions that it is strictly about skin color, why would you want a colorstruck bastard anyway?

      Because Frank Ocean, a weird ass Black boy, found a weird ass White boy who he may or may not be smashing, is no reason to feel insecure about anything.

      Insecurity looks good on no one.

      1. If acknowledging colorism makes you insecure about your skin tone does acknowledge homophobia make you insecure about your sexuality? Does acknowledging racism make you insecure about your race? When women acknowledge sexism does it make them insecure about their gender?

  12. I find that most people are oblivious of their affinity for people of a lighter complexion and the way empower the “superiority complex” attitude of those with light skin and light eyes and “good” hair.

    Bottom line, I believe there is some deep, seeded defect in a person that finds every other race but their own attractive. Preferences entail you find a variety of things attractive, but you lean towards some things more than others. Most people confuse preferences with prerequisites.

    1. I definitely agree with your comment, Jay. A lot of people like to say they have a preference, when they really have a prerequisite based on a bizarre idolization of light skin.

      Colorism is a VERY nuanced issue. I’ve noticed that people seem to conflate having a preference for lighter skin with discriminating against dark skin. People will say that love has no color, but it’s funny how that mantra is usually an excuse why someone doesn’t date dark-skinned dudes/chicks. Obviously, everyone is entitled to like what they like, but it can be perplexing and frustrating for attractive, dark-skinned men and women who have to put up with the bizarre and distasteful idolization of lighter-skinned individuals.

      It’s also annoying when people who enjoy the benefits of complexion bias turn around and are dismissive of the issue. Again, I don’t agree with bringing the issue up all. the. time. But when we live in a day and age where even people’s family members shun them for having dark skin and kinky hair, I think we need to admit that we as a community have a major problem.

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