mental homework (10)

i love immanuel.
i have been a fan of his site for a long time.
he left a comment dissecting the situation between elmo, the jackal, and the music exec wolf.
it was pretty spot on…

Acccording to news reports this stunt queen was never charged for stealing that $250,000 in jewelry. How could dude forget whether he was robbed at knifepoint???

Hey shit, we all gay. We have seen shit like this happen before. All you got to read between the lines in these news stories. I betcha $20 and a two-piece meal at Popeyes this is what really went down.

Sheldon “The Jackal” Stephens met music manager and started a sexual relationship on the DL because Pollard can’t be out in the music industry. So Pollard hires Jackal as his “intern” so they can be with each other all the time but it just looks like business.

They fall out (Pollard figures out Jackal is just a user and the ass really ain’t all that good) and The Jackal leaves him and heads back East but takes the jewelry because hey, “I deserve this shit because of all that ass I gave this nigger.”

Pollard gets mad his jewelry is missing but hey, he can’t follow through on filing charges because his business would have been all out. Because Jackal is messy, messy, messy.

Jackal then moves on to his next victim Mr. Elmo. The ass is good for awhile and then Clash figures out dude is a trifling user and drops him.

But instead of taking jewelry this beady eyed, bitter bitch tries to extort Clash. That shit fails when Clash’s lawyers figure out the two couldn’t have met when he was 16 — that was eight years ago! Matter of fact I bet the Jackal tells people he is really just 18 because some tricks just love that barely legal poontang.

Jackal is a dumb, wannabee famous bitch who will end up broke in the projects of Harrisburg. You know he comes from a dysfunctional background. Did you check out what went down with his mother? She stabbed her husband with scissors! They some crazy mofos!

What he should have done is used his connections to Pollard and Clash to learn the entertainment industry, get his degree and land a solid job. But stunt queens don’t want to work. They think because I’m young, cute and skinny somebody is going to pay my way.

What they don’t realize that just around the corner there is somebody younger and more handsome and much less messy who can take their place.



listen everyone.
anyone can be scammed by someone like the jackal.
you can be just as cute, barely cute, or beyond cute.
i have seen it time and time in many lifestyles.
it all starts with your esteem.
you should be able to pinpoint bullshit and call it out.
people can tell when you are easily manipulated.
stop being nice to everyone.
you can pleasant and cordial.
me “giving a shit about you” needs to be earned.

this is how YOU do it.
anytime you meet anyone,
assume the worst.
they can be cute as hell,
but until you fact check their background,
they could be a potential “bad look“.
while you are checking his background,
look for things that show he is not about his business.
the jackal was saying he was an entrepreneur.
that was his first red flag.
nigga was modelling for free.
until you’re signed with an agency or making money,
you are doing this as a hobby.
lastly, do not be so quick to give money and pay a bill because he asked or he fucked you stupid.
that his how you get in the trap of being “the idiot”.
these wolves/hybrids/vixens/and foxes are mentally trained to see “victims” everywhere.
they seek people to use, abuse, and drop.
all they do is cleverly disguise themselves as a “good man/woman“.
they also try to turn you against the people who can see the bullshit a mile away.

my money is tite now,
but you don’t see me hopping on a chat site to use someone to pay a bill or buy me a dinner.
imo, that’s low end prostitution.
i could as well head to the corner and make it a career.
if people want to give to me,
i’m not going to use people to leave a trail of burned bridges that i can never fix.

that was the jackal’s problem.
he burned his bridges with america… and used elmo to do it.
this is how he became “the idiot“.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “mental homework (10)”

  1. Even though I am still annoyed from that other post (hey I am keeping it real), Immanuel was DEAD on..I smelled extorting when this story broke and I knew a ‘stunt’ queen was behind this mess. Thanks to this ‘beady eyed bitter bitch’, Mr. Cash will go down in history for that child molestation mess. I doubt the man wanted the world to know that he was gay.

    Great Advice Jamari (I might use it for my older queens on the site). We gotta be aware of the demons in our community. They will prey on the weak and there are a lot of us out there. They even prey on the younger dudes too. I had this dude tell me he was 30 and in the army. Just so happen, my friend saw that I was talking to him and pointed him out to being a 45 year old con artist. Something in my guts told me that 30 year old man (wrinkles don’t lie) was lying and you gotta trust your gut! TRUST YOUR GUT!!

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