people want to f*ck dahmer after this netflix show

acting wolf,
evan peters,
is one of ryan murphy’s favs.
he is in many of ryan murphy’s productions.
i learned evan has a nice ass due to ryan’s productions too.
evan is pretty handsome and is a really good actor.
jeffrey dahmer was a demon hyena sent from the pits of hell.
it seems people are confusing the actor from the demon because…

according to the post:

The new show has renewed interest in Dahmer, leading some viewers and “fans” to post disconcertingly loving sentiments about the serial killer, who also engaged in cannibalism and necrophilia.

“Jeffrey Dahmers mugshot definitely gives something i didn’t know or think it would give,” one person tweeted, to which another Twitter user replied, “You don’t, under any circumstances, gotta hand it to Jeffrey Dhamer.” 

Another Twitter user wrote, “Oh you think jeffrey dahmer is hot? Ok well I am going to beat you with a stick,” to which someone replied, “Jeffrey dahmer is hot.”

One fan even tweeted a photo of the serial killer, bemoaning the fact that Peters was the first result to come up when they searched his photo online. 

“We’ll get through this era king I promise,”they wrote next to a photo of the real-life Dahmer, seemingly referring to the deadly deviant as “king,” to which another Twitter user replied, “Are you seriously praising a murderer???”

i think this is very insulting to his many victims tbh.

ones who were probably into him as well.
i think a lot of these folks are seeing their attraction to evan peters.
they are so into the show that they are seeing evan and not the real dahmer.
no cap:

There are some jackals,
male and female,
who find serial killing hyenas attractive.

there were weirdos who would show up to see ted bundy on trial,
professing their love for him.
some of them even ( x dressed up as his victims to show him to get chose ).

in other words:

A majority of these folks needed to get laid ASAP.

serial killers are your only option then you are really down bad

article cc: ny post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “people want to f*ck dahmer after this netflix show”

  1. I wonder if the victims were white would this be a topic. It’s disgusting and as you stated disrespectful to the victims legacy.

    1. ^ oh those victims would have national holidays and plaques.
      they wouldn’t be forgotten.
      one thing i gotta give to ryan murphy is he has acknowledged every victim and shows their story within the dahmer show.

    2. It’s Disgusting no doubt, but I don’t think the race of the victims factors in this instance. People swooned over Ted Bundy (recently played by Zac Efron) & I believe all his victims were white women. People idolize (to this day) Charles Manson and all his victims were white.

      1. True but Manson wanted to start a race–racist–war. Most people don’t know that. He was a stone-cold white supremacist.

  2. People are “Weird as F –K !!!”

    I place these “Serial Killer Stans” in the same group as Pedophiles ,Rapest and Klansmen.

    They are disgusting ,demented and desperately need to re-evaluate their choices.

    I am quite sure that Jeffery Dahmer’s Victims ( whose last breath and the last thing they saw while being slaughtered) would change places if they could. May their souls find comfort and peace. My heart breaks for the loved ones. These young men were living their lives and had no idea that this monster would take their lives.

    1. ^society is in shambles.
      they have confused an actor with a serial killer.
      some of the comments about dahmer are really disturbing.
      if you read the comments under the video with the cousin of one of the victims blacking out in court,
      people are coddling dahmer and saying she is overreacting.


  3. So I haven’t seen the show, but as you know, Twitter puts everything in the peripheral. The issue is casting. Evan Peters is attractive and its curious as to why Ryan Murphy always works with him. That’s for another post tho. We look at beauty and think innocence. You saw how niggas was simpin for jail bae. If he casted a no name or a smaller name, I feel like Dahmer wouldn’t be getting this traction or sympathy. People can’t decipher between the movie and the the events that happened because they look at Evan and see how cool he is.

    I also saw a screenshot of people defending Dahmer and the post said when you’re black you get no empathy. Talkin bout they would write to him, etc. Black people in this world alone. And then somebody already doing copycats. Somebody got a hookup on Grindr, killed the guy and then ate him. Be VERY discerning with interacting romantically or sexually with these guys outside your race. He ATE people. And you got people talking about he’s not that bad. At that point, he himself is a demon and this that have sympathy for him are demons as well. People romanticize what they want to and go from there.

    Black people, have your fun with your other races and do ya thing, but have DISCERNMENT. If you not feelin the vibes, the place is messy, his hygiene isn’t up to par, etc, walk the fuck out and don’t feel bad about it neither. I’d rather you be mad about ya time being wasted instead of you following through with something you didn’t really want to or worse. You owe these men NOTHING and they owe you nothing. Easier said when done when you’re horny, but that discernment may very well keep you alive.

  4. I remember this story like it was yesterday. CNN covered this every day on the hour. I was shock that someone can do something like that. There was nothing sexy about that man.

    1. ^i just watched the first episode and there is nothing sexy about how evans is playing him.
      he legit said he was gonna eat this guy’s heart.

      the guy who got away was more attractive to me than dahmer.

      1. So true there’s nothing sexy about Evans’ performance but these stans don’t care, they want that blond Yt boy, that’s what it comes down to. They don’t care that he killed and ate those Black and brown men and boys. It’s beyond sick and perverse, really.

  5. This was an excellent series. They went beyond the surface and focused on how Dahmer was able to get away w murders for even longer because the police ignored the black neighbors’ calls and complaints, and because the victims were mostly black and brown.

    And ol boy who played Dahmer really did his thing. The Emmy is def gonna be his.

    And while I’m not checking for ppl giving him too much, there is 1 mugshot of Dahmer where he looks handsome (imho). More than 1 thing can be true at the same time. Ijs.

  6. Not watching the series because I remember the stories and the gruesome, racist nature of it all enrages me. It’s clear the cops ignored multiple warnings, including from Dahmer’s first near-victim, about how dangerous he was because the victims were Black and brown (Asian). They didn’t care. Clearly the stans for Evans/Dahmer don’t either.

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