Is This The End of The Rhodes?

(there are so many things you can do with his last name.
i was all clever and stuff…)

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 9.52.37 AMthis week with kerry rhodes has been an interesting one on the internet.
i also got some pictures and a story about him last night in email.
i didn’t want to post because these hungry gossip hippos need no more treats.
i kept asking myself who is doing this baller wolf’s pr?
seeing as how he isn’t on a team now,
i pretty much assumed he was.
he should hire me but that’s another story.
this entry is for kerry,
the other baller wolves,
soon to be baller wolves,
kinda trying to be baller wolves,
and not a baller wolf but i will read it….

back in the ancient days where phones had cords and this:

tumblr_mklgyj1Znx1qgcra2o1_500..was what you saw every time you tried to sign on the internet,
down low/discreet/and gay baller wolves ruled the earth.
they could go to whatever gay club they wanted,
literally walk into their jump off’s house through the front door,
and listen to the spice girls on full blast in their cars.
all it would be was hearsay and water cooler gossip.
nowadays every phone has a camera,
apps for night vision spying,
and even full capability to turn it into a smoke grenade.
why work for the government?
you can become inspector gadget with a push of a button.
no one is safe.
your business will soon be uploaded on “”
and you are pretty much the talk of the town.

tumblr_ml6sctoOF51rk7acgo1_400lucky for baller wolves,
and even yourself,
a scandal pretty much lasts a good week depending on what you did.
if you lay low,
play your cards right,
put all communication devices in the closet (no pun intended),
and pray to jesus every night then “this too shall pass”.
if you are an asshole who everyone wants to see BURN,
then expect to be the latest upload on “”.
new pictures or even that sex tape you thought you only had the copy of.

tumblr_miokgxA15O1s49x9io7_500this is where kerry fucked up:


as much as i like to see him talking,
even better talking and shirtless:

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 10.00.41 AMhe should have never have released any statement to tmz.
these bitches are on a witch hunt and his true sexuality is the capture.
suddenly everyone knows someone who knows him,
they allegedly saw him at some gay function,
those little foxes he rolls with are now on front street,
and his friend’s are all now suspect.
bad enough all his friends are the main d/l suspects.
the queens will be calling for him to be dragged out the closet.
they will lead the witch hunt in every salon and walk in closet.
excuse is for a “better life”.

they just trying to be first in line for:

PA270016“you not foolin’ nobody!”
always remember,
and something i learned from a top publicist in the business:
no one can do anything
or say anything if you do not give them reason too.
“peanut is my nephew.”
that shoulda been the story.
not he is my nephew,
then he was my assistant,
and now he’s my sister baby father cousin mother uncle son.

in the end,
whats done is done.
kerry was on every gossip site and news article.
this is the most anyone has been interested in his entire career.
no offense.
if he doesn’t give any less of a fuck,
then by all means defend himself and his masculinity.
i predict him on the red carpet with some brazilian exxotical on the horizon.
you know it just takes a wolf with a vixen to squash all rumors.
r kelly peed on some underaged girl,
we saw it on tape,
he made a good album after,
and all was right with the world!
one of the hollywood hoes will steal a purse or eat a sandwich next week,
so life will go on,
he will play football again,
and tyler perry will cast him in:

“Madea’s Eats Rocky Rhodes”

madea-goes-to-jail-teaser1nothing to see here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Is This The End of The Rhodes?”

  1. That’s one of the biggest issues I have with the gay community. If the man is gay and discreet, then let him be gay and discreet. If he doesn’t walk around waving his sexuality, so what? What business is it of your’s?

    1. ^i total agree.

      ithe hoes saying he needs to come out and be free.
      are they gonna find him a job too?
      people always got something to say when it’s not them.
      i personally think with the pictures,
      if he is bi or gay,
      he can still be discreet.
      he doesn’t need to be the spokesperson for the gay coalition if he doesn’t want too.
      his choice.
      can he live?

    2. I think he is down with the team, but I do not think he wants to come out, and he should not have to. If he did, I’m sure they would try and make him a part of this coming out shit that everyone has been talking about. He just wants to be left alone.

      That pic of him in those draws did something to me. Kerry is sexy af. I would hit that. Come and get this pipe Kerry lol.

    3. That doesn’t really apply when you’re a celebrity. All bets are off…and reporting on “the gay” is now no different than reporting on who beat up their wife, who got into a fight at the bar, and who is divorcing who.

      Gay activists got their way (as they should), and now since Marriage Equality and gay rights issues have so much public support, it seems reporting on who’s gay and who isn’t is not much of an issue, since THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY, RIGHT?

      What is this story going to cost Kerry? Nothing but some irritation.

      You can’t have it both ways, you can’t be a celebrity, use you’re celebrity to get ass, and then expect everyone to pretend they didn’t see you. Not in 2013.

      If Kerry was so discreet, those pictures and this story never would have gotten out to begin.

      Don’t expect strangers to keep your secrets.

  2. Random and MDP both make good points. One of the reasons I respect Jamari so much is that we both know so many celebrities who are “family” and we respect their privacy. I don’t even tell certain gay people about others because I know they wouldn’t be able to keep their mouths shut. As former Congressman Barney Frank said, “You have a right to privacy but not to hypocrisy.” If someone wants to be discreet or in the closet, cool. But, don’t trash gay people, put them down in public, and/or pass laws to harm them and expect your stuff to stay private.

    If you want privacy, don’t be stupid. Know that there are eyes everywhere. Everybody takes pictures these days and most people don’t mean any harm. People used to run up to celebrities for autographs; now, they just snap a picture with their phones. Children and grandparents snap pictures, even great grandparents get into it, once the children teach them how to use their gadgets. They really don’t mean any harm. So, if you call yourself sneaking, know that it might end up on Facebook for the world to see. Also, when you go on these hookup sites, remember www means world wide web! When you list yourself as “not out” but put your face up there, what are you thinking? Maybe, the question should be: are you thinking?

    MDB is right; you cannot have it both ways. If discretion is important to you, don’t do stupid stuff. Associate with other discreet people. Don’t mess over people, because they may put you on blast. And, don’t be so trusting of everybody.

    When I was a kid, my elders told me and the other kids of my generation, we had to be twice as good due to racism and discrimination. And, when some of us realized the sexual thing about ourselves, we knew we had to be three times as good — my theory as to the reason many if not most of the best in all fields of endeavor happen to be “family.” And, those who go to gay clubs or events like Sizzle are not even 5% of brothers who get down.

    Think I’ll stop here.

  3. I really do hope Kerry gets picked up by another team soon. He’s a great safety on the field, but I’ve seen him do a ton of charitable work over the years (especially when he was in NYC)…just a very well-spoken, standup guy.

    Sidenote: That boxer brief picture is EVERYTHING! He’s always been fine af.

  4. Why do everyone have issues about being gay. Live your life and do not be concern what others do. Gay peoples have been on this earth every since the Bible days and will continue to be. Leave the professional players alone, because we all know that about 5% of any NFL,NBA, and other professional sports have gay men.

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