I’m A Moody Fuck-er

“You look like you got good booty.” Star Fox said over a glass of wine, “but you a moody fuck-er.”
“WTF is a moody fuck-er?!?!?” I replied, nearly spitting mine out.

Yeah, what IS a moody fuck-er….?

We will rewind back a few words before we get to his explanation.
So, Star Fox and I got together and we were doing our usual Fox talk.
Money, Men, and Makin Whoopie.
Standard convo between 2 discreet Foxes in this lifestyle.
We were talking in depth about who LOOKS like they can fuck.

“I bet if Waka Flocka was to come in this room now, you would put those lips to work huh?” I asked.
“He wouldn’t even have to ask. I’d just ask him which hole he wants to start on first!” He replied, lickin’ his lips.
“LOLOL – So do you think Devin Thomas looks like he can put it down?
“Yeah – he looks like a standard dick down.”
“I dunno – I love my Devin and all, but he looks like he can’t fuck my brains out.”
“What you mean?”
“Like, you get a nigga in the bed and he on that making love touchy feely shit.”
“Naw he looks like it will be okay.”
“You know sexy niggas are never really that great in a smashin’ session.”
“You know who would look like they would put it DOWN on ya ass?”
“Naw, check it. Ugly niggas gotta work ten times harder in fuckin ya brains out because we already trying NOT to be attracted to them.”
“Tru dat!”
“Until he put that good dick in you and you wake up cooking his ass a full course meal.”

So we went through our lists:

Nelly – average
Adrian Peterson – average to whatever
Jay-Z – good
Trey Songz – maybe all hype; standard nigga pipe
Drake – maybe carrying a good dick
Chris Brown – dances and grinds good but maybe different in the sack; okay to maybe back breakin’
Kanye West – A+
Diddy – freak; good dick
Bow Wow – too cocky to be good in pipin’
Terrance J from 106: his little ass may just fuck you stupid

…then he asked:

“What about me?”

“I think you are a freak. I seen the niggas you fucked with and you definitely get call backs. You are the type to put in work with any dude, regardless if he is cute or ugly. You will make sure that nigga is satisfied. I will admit that the sex tape I saw with you and ya man didn’t impress me. You looked like you wanted more, but he was just boring to me.”
“Nawwwwwwwwwwww that was just a bad night! Trust, me and that nigga get it in!”

So I thought I’d ask him to return the favor…

“Well…” he replied, “you look like you got good booty but you a moody fuck-er. No offense – I mean, you look like if you meet the nigga you are REALLY attracted too, you will put that good shit on him. Give that nigga a one or two round session. You are a freak that waits to be unleashed. I mean nigga you got handcuffs! You better be a freak! You will do a handstand and suck his dick if he pull that out of you.

Something like him…

and def him….

…… But if he is just an “okay” nigga you meet online or off, you won’t give him the GOOD GOOD shit…”


I won’t lie and say he isn’t right.
There is only one Wolf so far who brought me out my freak shell.
These little corny niggas I meet online barely get the whole me.
Shit, they may not even get ass or lips.

But I like that.
A moody fuck-er.

Add it to your Fox-tionary.

Are you a moody fuck-er?
Or are you can ALL AROUND fuck-er?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “I’m A Moody Fuck-er”

  1. Bahahaha. Only for daddy, huh? I miss those days. I feel like I’m a closet freak. Most people wouldn’t think I get down the way I do. Typically considered the “sweetheart” in some ways. I will says that’s its been months since I’ve had some and its driving me crazy. This is the longest time I’ve gone without sex. 8 months. :/

  2. Back to that list…
    Diddy- Hell no!
    Bow Wow- Gurl, what are we gunna do?
    Nelly- I bet its amazing
    Chris Brown- No stop, wait, i can’t breathe… why aren’t you stopping? Seriously! Jay z- He’ll prolly just pay someone else to do it because i bet it’s like sleeping with a cadaver.

    1. correction of the list:
      Bow Wow: that little ass can take all that?
      Nelly: you got to be kidding me all that HTC must have shrunk it
      Chris Brown: why you on your back with your legs up in the air ?
      T.I: damn you can work that little ass.
      Terrance J: damn you swallowed it all ? How was Rob Kardasion ?

  3. Adrian & Kanye are the only ones I’d say are wolves. Jay just don’t care enough (tho he got some nice DSLs) & T.I. strikes me as vers. The rest of them gurls wanna be smashed…

    As for me…hehehe…bragging isn’t my still, but come test me & see 😉

    1. I see all the pretti boys I lust are all Foxes!?!
      How can you guys tell?

      Terrance J would not surprise me since his friend he carries around everywhere looks like the Wolf….

      Bow Wow strikes me as “short man complex” so he looks likes he wanna be in control (and take it when he can)

      Drake looks like he is Wolf-worthy and Trey, I will admit, looks like he likes ass missles (but he would be my Wolf FUCK THAT!)

      The rest….. All ? Marks.

      1. it’s just something about how they arry themselves & that men in power thing. Powerful men either wanna be in control or just project that aura the whole way (like Jay) or they want someone to slap ’em around & bytch them out in private (Diddy). So while Diddy & em will play the Wolf, they really wanna be Foxes.

        Trey – I feel like I need an antiseptic bath & a STD-prevention cocktail just looking at him (Keri too…lol)

        Bow & Chris? Hold em down, get the head in & they’re all yours.

        Nelly? No thanks – too much bacne & shrivled testes…

        Drake isn’t cute to me, so he’s probably a Wolf…lol

        But I honestly think Adrian, Ye, & TI could/would take some dack – maybe not all the time, but w/the right one…Jay’s my only bet for full-time Wolf

      2. bahahahaha @ trey liking ass missles. I can see him now “woooohhhhhooooo”

        Terrence J, seems like he’s verse. It must be his fraternity background. I like his lips. They curl when he smiles.

      1. I’m not judging here whole body of work (though I do recall her saying she wasn’t gonna be out selling sex & her body like that…but I digress).

        I’m saying that her video made me feel the way I do in general when looking at Trey, cute as he is…shoulda been more clear – sorry. Now, love me! 🙂

        1. When times get hard – get naked!

          Naw, I like Keri. Her message for this album is sitting well with me. That video did throw me because I had to scratch my head like, “where is she goin with this…” But I can’t judge. U see who I am lol

          And I love ya already so I don’t need to start 😉

  4. rock :

    bahahahaha @ trey liking ass missles. I can see him now “woooohhhhhooooo”

    Terrence J, seems like he’s verse. It must be his fraternity background. I like his lips. They curl when he smiles.

    YUP! ROCK! I imagine them curling somewhere behind me too ….

  5. I think I’m one of the few who finds drake to me cute in that average sort of way. He gives me full fledged wolf. Trey songz, if he wasn’t famous… i would think he was into the same type of boys i am or boys who look like him (See: the butchqueen he was rumored to have something with in a previous post) and would probably be right. And i think we need to discuss that, how some boys ONLY date boys who are just like them. He’s fine, yes, but i do picture him with fox tendencies. T.I. gives me wolf. Kanye gives me wolf so does Adrien. Terrence is verse, no question there.

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