When It’s Over… Fuck Him.

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Currently un-defeated!


Do you know when something is done?
Like when a tv show is losing steam?
Someone’s career has fallen off?
You have no money in your wallet but you still want to shop?

Ok the last one is a bad example but…

Do you know when you need to STOP?

Men in relationships are usually a dead end.
He is never leaving his current relationship for you.
As much as YOU think so, he won’t.
Trust me when I say he won’t.
That was my saga earlier.
Brief recap.

I met BOY.
BOY liked me…. alot.
BOY flirted with ME alot.
ME started to get attached to BOY.
BOY started getting attached to ME.
ME started getting attached to BOY.
BOYFRIEND didn’t know about ME.
ME knew about BOYFRIEND.
BOY acts like he broke up with BOYFRIEND
ME finds out BOY STILL has a BOYFRIEND.
ME confronts BOY.
BOY and ME beef.
BOY throws stones at ME.
ME throws daggers at BOY.
ME and BOY are OVER.
ME starts to look for MAN.

See what I am saying?

Why would he invest so much emotional time in me: something he knows he could never have UNLESS he was single?
Why flirt with me and lead me on knowing he was in a relationship for years?
He wasn’t even any KINDS of single… but was talking to me like a single Wolf.
Playing this game of giving too much and then pulling back when he got me.
So after I call him out on the bullshit, he calls me a liar and crazy.
(like I didn’t have the convos saved in my texts)
His whole argument tried to be spun like a bad PR job.
He felt guilty and thought I would contact BOYFRIEND.

I’m not that kind of Fox.

I just erased the muthafucka out of my life.
I felt sad but it had to be done.
I knew him for years, but we would never be the same after this.
He was SOOO fucking sexy though.
Thank God he didn’t smash.
Although he nearly did…

Thanks everyone.

I do not need to have seat fillers in my life.
I need backstage crew members and others who want to share the spotlight.
I don’t need understudies or bad actors.
I just want REAL.
A real production for The Jamari Fox Show.


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6 thoughts on “When It’s Over… Fuck Him.”

  1. A lot of cheaters get off on taking risks and playing truant on their relationships. They don’t like the normality that comes with the steadiness of a relationship or the wants, needs, and expectations that arise from it, so they seek their thrills elsewhere. I think a lot of us have experienced this. Cheating men are quite common and I’m finding that there are the same amount of people who will STAY with a cheating man for the sake of having a relationship. You’re one of the smarter individuals who understands being the sideline thing is not the way to go. I hope the next boy will be so lucky. Because he will try it again…

    1. I have a feeling he will try to get some of this. Once you cut a cheater off, they hate that! Cheaters like to be in control as he thought he could do me. I was falling to deep so I had to escape.

      He was cool… But now the show must end. NEXT.

  2. jamari u never want to pull a guy out a relationship like that…in time it will only make u insecure that karma will allow someone to take him from you in the same way..count ur blessings

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