donald trump is determined to cause chaos without a batman to rescue us

^this orange hyena is gonna fuck ya’ll if you listen to him.
donald trump is a fuckin’ asshole.
 many of ya’ll knew this already.
he gets the rona,
( x acts super reckless ) while in the damn hospital,
and decides to post this shit on his twitter…

a fuckin’ asshole.
what a fuckin’ asshole.
he was losing his breath like destiny’s child during the weekend.
they allegedly had to edit out his damn coughing:

Suddenly he is feeling better than he did 20 years ago?

allegedly signing blank papers to prove this is under control?


so i guess the 210k deaths,
with the 7 million cases,
is nothing to be afraid of?

via: john hopkins center

what an insult to those who lost people(s) because of this pandemic.
what a slap in the face to those who are grieving and mourning.
the sad part is his stan base is gonna be using his words to go out here and be stupid.
what a disgusting and vile leader to not address how serious this is.
 i said on my IG stories a while back that he is the joker:

…because oswald cobblepot aka the penguin would never!

Author: jamari fox

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