b. smith’s hubby is now single since his white woman took off on his ass

^this karma was delicious.
it went down smooth mixed with my english breakast tea.
the late b. smith‘s husband,
dan gasby,
was moving real foul out here.
while b. smith was dying of alzheimer’s disease,
he dated his new white lady into their home.
rumors were circulating how foul they were to b. smith while she wasn’t in her right mind.
well in 2020 fashion,
the house of cards fell down on dan’s head via “the jasmine brand“…


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That He Was In Controversial relationship With Broke Up: she took off

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she took off and uh,

he sounded pretty embarrassed to even say it out loud.
nah say it with your whole chest bruh.

i believe that when you do things to purposely hurt others,
that’s when you’ll reap what you sew.
we can’t police ourselves with what may hurt someone or not,
but i believe when you seek out to burn someone,
that’s when it all comes back to you in a fury.

Dan Gasby knows he was wrong

it didn’t look good that his wife was dying and he started dating someone new.
white or whatever,
it was disrespectful af.
this is where that saying,
your man will show up to your funeral with his new girlfriend“,
can be applied to this situation.
at least wait until b. smith passed and then pop up with her.
he could have easily changed the narrative if people were asking questions.
the foundation wasn’t built sturdy enough so of course,
she would dip.
stevie wonder could see that shit.
he wasn’t smart,
acted real arrogant,
and he got what he deserved.
do better; be better.

rip to the late b. smith.
may he hear her cackling all the way down from the eternal.

8 thoughts on “b. smith’s hubby is now single since his white woman took off on his ass

  1. We all knew this wasn’t going to last. The money must’ve ran out.

    He probably really thought that white woman wanted his old ass. B was the buffer that allowed her to spend his money without having to commit to anything. His money isn’t long enough for her to suffer through changing his depends in five years and waiting another 10 to get whatever’s left.

  2. He was so disgusting for bringing this Yt side piece into the house while his wife was dying.

    I especially hope that Yt woman didn’t get any of B. Smith’s money either!

  3. I wish B. Smith got her flowers while on Earth. Someone should do her biopic and Yaya DaCosta from ANTM should play her. ❤

  4. He could’ve easily kept his side piece at her place. Why even bring her to your wife’s home? No sympathy for either of them. That was messy and unnecessary. Especially since his daughter was the primary caretaker. Maybe the money started running out?

    1. ^he had no respect for his late wife and it showed in how he handled this.
      his pride was so high,
      he thought the audience would be okay with it.
      we don’t know him LMAO
      he is a supporting character in the life of b smith.
      of course,
      everyone would be up in arms.

      he is a dork.

  5. When I first heard of the foolishness, I thought it was wrong on so many levels.
    I do not feel bad for him.
    That white woman isn’t off the hook either.

    1. ^oh no,
      she will reap her harvest.
      she was nasty to b while she was suffering.
      the “lovey dovey” pics were allegedly typical social media trash.

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