safaree and his jamaican beef patty got him rich af (will the rest?)

not every civilian can set up an onlyfans and make bank.
the content has to be good,
a variety of angles,
co-stars are needed,
no cappin’ and scamming,
and camera quality needs to be poppin’.
onlyfans has a list of all the folks who are eatin’ real good off the platform.
safaree and his jamaican beef patty posted this before he deleted it via “celebrity insider“…

Safaree proudly announced his fans that he’s featured in the OnlyFans rich list. Erica Mena is also present there, as you will see below.

Hey, momma, I made the only fans Forbes list 😂 click the link in my bio subscribe and see why!! I’m doing a sale too. I was busy with my new house, but I’m bout to go crazy on there! 😈😈 Stay sleep if you want!!!’ Safaree posted.

safaree is currently #8 on the list.
his wife,
erica mena,
bet him at #6.
who is new af,
is already at #4.
blac chyna,
bella thorne,
and cardi b round up the top 3.
good to see chrystian lehr on there at #30.

my question is…

Are these folks Onlyfans good?

the leaks i saw of safaree were boring with the same ol same ol.
if he wasn’t moving that jamaican beef patty from side to side,
he was jackin’ off for like 5 minutes.
they are all making bank tho.
onlyfans ain’t going nowhere because people are voyeristic.
this lockdown is making careers and fallbacks.
i’m not even mad.

Call me Trey Songz releases an Onlyfans next.

article cc: celebrity insider

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “safaree and his jamaican beef patty got him rich af (will the rest?)”

  1. This isn’t real though. From the website: We’ve combined their Instagram followers with the average monthly subscription price (£15), and taken off OnlyFans 20% commission to estimate what each of these stars could be earning.

  2. I’m calling b. S . They probably making a good coin to stay a float, but not enough to make a living.

  3. I just think about all of the young black sex workers who had OF before the pandemic, struggling, taking their craft seriously only for these self absorbed celebrities who would’ve looked their nose down at OF two years ago come in and saturate the market!

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