new yawk enjoyed the ro-ro so much, she added more dates for her tour

cuomo tried so hard to keep us in new yawk in line.
folks was starting to believe the ro-ro was over.
they had me believing the rona too.
i knew when folks started getting restless,
they were gonna start traveling to all the covid nests throughout this country.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday he wants the state to help shut down nine COVID-19 hot-spot neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens starting Wednesdayclosing all of their non-essential businesses, public and private schools and indoor and outdoor restaurant dining.

Kids in the areas with the alarming coronavirus numbers could still attend school for the next two days before going all remote Wednesday, de Blasio said — while houses of worship will remain open.

“We’re having an extraordinary problem — something we haven’t seen since spring,’’ de Blasio told reporters on a conference call, referring to the uptick in the coronavirus in those areas.

About a half-million people would be affected by the return to the kind of drastic shut-down that the city hasn’t seen since mid-March.

new yawkers was getting toooooooooo comfortable.
honestly tho:


it ain’t anyone else who been following the assigned rules problem either.
i’m following the rules and wearing my mask.
i’ve picked and chosen where i wanted to go and be.
this is a whole pandemic and i wasn’t gonna be out here movin’ reckless.
so this ain’t my issue because i been on the low.
this a “them” and “their” issue who couldn’t sit their ass down.
i had to realize this is def outta my control.
i realized that if this was war,
this is the perfect way to kill us all.

Some of the American public is stubborn and selfish when it comes to shit like this.

so this is the outcome.
i have a feeling this won’t even be resolved until late 2021.
you can blame that president for being a dork about this too.

article cc: ny post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “new yawk enjoyed the ro-ro so much, she added more dates for her tour”

  1. Only the smart and sane ppl can survive this pandemic. I’m mostly indoor at home than being out there, other than getting essential and work.

  2. Well the Hasidic community where I live in Brooklyn is flagrant in their disregard for masks. So I’m interested to see which neighborhoods are hot spots.

    1. Yes, the Hasidic community has been called out for not abiding by the rules of wearing a mask. And one of the community leaders had the audacity to say “it’s not right to single us out.”
      Uh, yeah it is! If people in your community think wearing a mask is beneath them, they need to be called on that BS.

      We are fucked. The rates are going up again across the State. I honestly believe we are headed for another shutdown.

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