My Inner Hoe Is a Bad Influence on my Life!!!!

We all have an Inner Hoe

… and it seems to always emerge ESPECIALLY in this damn lifestyle!
Although I think some of you hoes lost the battle and just traded places.
I know a few that keep their Inner Hoes contained properly.
Only to let them out when we are about to have sex with their Wolves/the right ones.
Others, however, I have seen keeping theirs in their back pockets or even as their own Gods.
But, what if you aven’t had it in so long that your Inner Hoe is starting to rebel?
Do you find the nearest Bible and repent?
Or, do you keep Inner Hoe in a cage until you meet the right person to let loose on?

How well have you trained your Inner Hoe?

I officially named my Inner Hoe, “Trouble” yesterday.
Trouble has been rocking with me heavy these last few months on a strict “Jack Off” tip.
I had him trained properly.
He started to rebel anytime he saw a flick or a Wolf that would remotely turn me on.

Trouble is starting to turn on me.
Since I got into this career heavy, I am meeting Wolves who are confirmed.
No “I wonder” and “I think“… it is “He fucked this dude and…
Sad thing is, they are all sexy and stay have me trying to remember my professionalism.
These Wolves talk worst than Vixens and you can develop a quick reputation getting into Trouble… no pun intended.

Yesterday, I hung out with an R & B singer who invited me and another friend to a lounge to hang out.
I use to see him on television and thought he was sexy as hell, but in person it is another story.
He wanted us to meet some key people in the industry that would be great connects.
It started getting hot and he took off his sweater….

….I low key lost my mind.

The pecs and arms underneath that tight white T had me panting.
I was told he fucked a Hybrid, who gets around H E A V Y, and that….

His dick was the size of a whip cream can.
I was completely and utterly done.
Every time I looked at him, I had a reel playing in my head of him and myself in various positions.
I think I moaned out loud at one point.
Sadly if he asked to take me home, I would have probably said “YES“.

For a Fox who hasn’t felt a peen inside him in a while, I am in Trouble.
Clearly, a lot of these Wolves want to low key beat and I am playing the “ignore” role quite well.
That is, until Trouble starts literally massaging my inner walls that I start to lose all sense of control.
Being real, I just want a steady peen.
I think my Inner Hoe will be quite satisfied with that.

I know you all know what I am talking about.
You get into a situation and all the popular Wolves have been had… and now they are sniffing around your butt cheeks.
How do we really try to control it when we are around the Wolves we want?
The Hybrid whose reputation is SHOT because he already fucked all the sexy ones, including Mr. R & B Singer Wolf.
You mention his name and he has a messy trail behind him.
Can you really blame him?
He is around all these R/B singers, rappers, Baller Wolves, and industry heads….
…of course he would be jumping willy nilly on the penis.
Now, he has ruined his reputation and no one take his seriously.
He is just the booty call to random Wolves who need a good fucking….
…and now he is fucking to get put back on. 

Couldn’t be me or you…
…or could it be our future story?
So I had to ask…

How do we really tell our Inner Hoe… “NO“!?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “My Inner Hoe Is a Bad Influence on my Life!!!!”

  1. DON’T DO IT!! Lemme tell you how I keep “Dizaster” under control!! You have to keep fresh in your mind all the times you’ve felt used, the times you’ve cried, those who’ve gotten over on you, the walks of shame, and that guilt that every whore feels cuz you know you doing wrong! Then reevaluate the situation and find a different approach, because in our world the only thing frowned upon more than scat and watersports, is a LOOSE BOOTY!!

  2. Controlling the ho within is no walk in the park but when that ho start to show out give it a good back hand slap but if it starts fighting back remember your “saving the goods for Mr. Right”. Repeat that to yourself until the hard on you just got from looking at that sexy piece of man goes down. Repeat if needed. If that doesnt work immediately leave the vicknity of the fox/wolf/hybrid go home and take a cold shower or jack off.

  3. Self controls is a good tool in this life style. We all have to tell our inner hoes to calm the fuck down or else we would be on our knees and backs all day ( figuratively speaking). It’s not a day go by I see so many sexy Wolves it drives me crazy. I mean everywhere and me being a gym rat does not help. So to keep mine in check let’s just call them Marcel and Cindy ( I am a hybrid y’all do the math) besides J.O.Bs I also find lifting weights gets it to. And I can’t forget those sweet sweet wet dreams I have of my dream ballers. S/N i was listining to Donna Summers MacArthur park while reading this post and it spoke to me so

  4. When you’re trying to control your inner hoe, you have to think about your reputaion. I know you’re not supposed to worry about what other people think, but in this case you have to. If you don’t take your good rep. in consideration, you will be wearing your inner hoe on the outside, that’s not good. Once you get that name it’s no going back. You can sit on the front pew every Sunday in church and you will still be a hoe in other people’s eyes. Being a hoe can easily eliminate the chance of finding Mr.Right.

  5. First keep in mind your goal & your rep – you’ve done a great job of keeping it professional, so don’t let up now. You’re only gonna meet more & more fine Wolves & Hybrids sniffing around your foxhole, so learn it now.On those really…um, ‘wet’ days, maybe you hit the gym first, or stay home? Something to expend that energy.

    And find a good, like-minded fox buddy to help you keep each other in check

  6. omg007 :
    Walmart is the worst tho all dem sexy ass wolves there

    The dudes in Wal-Mart (employees and shoppers) will have you literally rocking like a crackhead going through withdrawals, especially when you go in the early morning hours.

    I was standing in line once and I saw a dude so fine I had to damn near jog out the store so I could keep from staring at him and drooling. Tallest dude I’ve ever seen. No lie. Damn I wanted to climb that skyscraper. LOL

    1. Man jay I saw this one dude that had these grey eyes and a nice body. I kinda stalked him around the store just to look at him lol. And why is it nobody at Walmart never wears outside clothes?!?? It’s always pj pants or ball shorts with no draws

    2. Hell yea, you have to go there during the early morning hours. The niggas that clean the floors with those push around things are always the finest ones, don’t laugh I don’t know what they’re called lol. I remember seeing this fine light-skinned dude, he was cute as hell. I locked eyes with him for a good couple of seconds. I felt like taking that dude to the bathroom and banging him out right then and there.

  7. These answers are…politically correct, but not a reality for me.

    Saying wait for the right one is nice and all, but unless you’re jumping into frivolous relationships every month you probably spend most of your time alone. In my experience, the lack of emotional connection (in addition to lack of sex) to anyone for a long time only gives that inner hoe a little more control.

    I know the longer I wait, the wilder the I’ll be when I finally give in and get it in.

    I gave in and got it in the other day and it felt great! Muhfucka put me to bed like a baby! Now I’ll hold out for another three months. Lol

    More power to you if you can hold out though. Sounds resilient. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when you finally get some.

    Some of you guys will probably shed a tear like Stella in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. LOL

    1. ^see I feel that…
      But I’m in a situation where I want to release my inner hoe with someone who isn’t messy in my professional field.
      These Wolves talk and reputation is everything….

    2. Jay, you are SO NOT RIGHT!!! I was supposed to be a fly on that wall when you let loose. (Good to hear after that long wait that you enjoyed yourself).

  8. It’s not so much about keeping your inner demon locked up.
    It’s more about unleashing it under the right circumstances.

    The hybrid whose reputation is shot is so because he didn’t do it right. He jumped on any attractive dick that came his way and that is not how you play the came. Any dick you jump on (if you are going to mix business and pleasure) should represent a come up. Find an attractive wolf with a lot to offer and make it an exclusive “friends with benefits” situation. Granted, you’re still blurring lines, but at least you’re not criss-crossing lines and making intersections where there not need be.

    1. ^sadly, he didn’t.

      He is RAN THROUGH.
      kudos for sexing all fine dick in front and behind the scenes,
      but you mention his name to anyone and they either a)had that or b) knows someone who did.

  9. There have been maybe one or two times where I’ve let it get the best of me. For the most part I keep it under control. Masterbating I usually does the trick and brings me back down to earth. Usually, I really fiend for emotional connections and will wanna seek out someone to cuddle with and talk to. Those have been harder to come by.

  10. Yes, sir, we all have an inner hoe. Mine is addicted to good head. If there was a rehab for it in another state, I would definitely check myself in. When I feel him raging, I do tend to hit the gym, call my parents, go shopping, or rush home. Either of these usually helps to deter those feelings that I am having. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the point. Although the gym can just reignite the flame if there are sexy bodies around the steam room, sauna, or pool, (which is usually the case).

    I agree with most of the comments. If you are constantly around people in your industry, then you may want to step outside of it to meet someone new. I know all about how sacred one’s reputation is, and a messy trail is just that—mess.

  11. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^sadly, he didn’t.
    He is RAN THROUGH.
    kudos for sexing all fine dick in front and behind the scenes,
    but you mention his name to anyone and they either a)had that or b) knows someone who did.

    That’s really unfortunate. Is he aware of this?

  12. It seems the majority of us like to either go to the gym or shopping to keep our inner slut in check. But sometimes y’all that don’t work so you have to go to plan #2 and thank god for x-tube and myvidstar

  13. Well guys, I hit the JACKPOT! I have an appointment to release my inner hoe with a Verse Top turned bottom for muah (gets weak at the thought of how tight it’ll be) tomorrow! Listen to me carrefully, find someone LOWKEY who is JUST as ready to EXPLODE as you. The hard part is not developing feelings, that’s hard…

    P.S. For y’all talking about Wal-Mart, he works at Target… *bits lip*

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