Trouble Don’t Set Up Like Rain

tumblr_m536juHQsP1qags4no1_500life has a way of getting your attention.
sometimes it could be the perfect rich boyfriend.
giving you everything you desire.
other times it’s a bi polar he bitch who makes your existence a living hell.
nothing ever lasts too good for long.
even calm seas get rough from time to time.
you gotta be open to attacks.
my horoscope for today weirdly enough said something would go down.
well it went down underneath my sink.
after a nice breakfast,
there was a major leak that had me mopping and throwing away shit.
as i cleaned,
i had to wonder if i could have avoided this?
maybe when my sink clogged up last month,
that was a sign to get it checked?
i figured cancel the appointment because for some reason it fixed itself a couple of weeks later.
should we pay attention to every sign or sneaky suspicion?
or are some things just unavoidable?
fate does laugh at probabilities.
if only i knew that two weeks later,
i’d have an amazing mini flood,
i wouldn’t have cancelled my plumbing appointment.
what other chain of events would i have set off?
trouble doesn’t always set up like rain.
our internal weatherman named intuition has been wrong before.
i had to wonder…

When our gut talks,
should we always listen?

I Guess I’m The “Help! Save A Negro!” Contact In People’s Phone?

tumblr_mpd14o4dHM1s6hqb1o1_500i really come thru for people.
sometimes a little too much in all honesty.
i guess the advice i give is usually effective.
today was another day of a friend needing my help.
my vixen friend texted me a couple of paragraphs,
it beginning and ending with:

“i’m through”

i knew it was either an emergency or a long ass poem…

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My Inner Hoe Is a Bad Influence on my Life!!!!

We all have an Inner Hoe

… and it seems to always emerge ESPECIALLY in this damn lifestyle!
Although I think some of you hoes lost the battle and just traded places.
I know a few that keep their Inner Hoes contained properly.
Only to let them out when we are about to have sex with their Wolves/the right ones.
Others, however, I have seen keeping theirs in their back pockets or even as their own Gods.
But, what if you aven’t had it in so long that your Inner Hoe is starting to rebel?
Do you find the nearest Bible and repent?
Or, do you keep Inner Hoe in a cage until you meet the right person to let loose on?

How well have you trained your Inner Hoe?

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