kai cenat, the alleged rape, and how he should have shut the entire f*ck up

i feel like this is how i know of twitch streamer,
kai cenat.
^that face right there.
i applauded him for how as a black streamer,
he made it to be the number 1 streamer on twitch last year.

…and then he managed to fuck it all up in 2023.
we ain’t even 10 days in yet.
kai has been caught in the crossfire of an alleged rape in his crib

( x her IG post )
according to the victim,
she went to a party at kai’s crib.
kai allegedly told her to go to a room to lie down after being too drunk.
she was brutally raped by his friend in said room.
she asked kai for the name and kai acted like he didn’t know the hyena.
he kept gaslighting her until she found that it was his friend.
his response once the story blew up:


so this is how pineapples ruin the careers they worked so hard for.
^alla that right there.

Do people even hire PR people anymore?

if someone accuses someone with evidence they were raped in my crib,
and i know the person based on evidence supporting that,
i’m giving up the name.
if the person didn’t rape someone,
they can happily go through the proper procedures to clear their name.
i’ll even help him get a lawyer to sue.

Kai is looking dumb.

…but you can expect this with his age and lack of brain development.
he should NEVER have addressed anything.
because of the foolishness in his response,
it seems other streamers and the public are sus of kai atm.
( x like so )
( x and so )
and so:

he wanted to play “cap’n save a pineapple” and look what it got him.
the first major dent in his reputation.
you know once they add up


I hope the victim in this story is able to get justice.

…and it’s gross that his fans and stans are harassing the victim as well.
does it even pay to be a victim of a crime these days?
( x very sad )

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “kai cenat, the alleged rape, and how he should have shut the entire f*ck up”

  1. Wait a minute because… you went to social media first without making a police report? Why?! Why do the work yourself when you need the evidence from a doctor to prove your claim and then let the police do the work of finding out who the rapist is. All this sounds like Ebony going to Junior Bachelor party. I am not blaming her but her anger is pointed at the wrong person. You can not blame somebody who had nothing to do with the incident. First of all, Twitch is not some news channel. Twitch streamers get paid for subscriptions to watch, not by the content. Just because he is the number 1 streamer doesn’t mean he is smart or racking in celebrity money like how they get paid to make a movie. Its kids on Tik Tok with over a Million followers doing nothing. You can’t blame somebody for not saying anything or having a PR say something when they are just a regular person who don’t know how to handle the situation. He handled the situation wrong but saying where is his PR team, he is not a celebrity. He is just a popular social media influencer who gets paid by how many people subscribe to his channel. The man is nervous because he is probably looking at it like damn why did my boy do that, that’s not his character.

    We are not responsible for our friends’ actions. You never know a person truly especially when liquor is involved. I applaud her for coming out publicly with it but I would have called the police and let them deal with both of them.

    1. The social media before police report was ALWAYS odd to me. Reminds me of turning on a camera…to cry and post it. When I cry, I don’t go look for a camera. I’m too busy being sad.

      And people say “don’t victim blame”, but if you’re so traumatized, wouldn’t you not say anything…at all?

      Social media is people you know. Family. Coworkers. A police report has way less eyes. Who would know unless you told them?

      I get going to social media when police refuse to do anything but police could have gotten his info through facial recognition and combing through social media.

      Yea, he is wrong for lying about knowing the guy, but this approach is always strange to me.

      1. That part, all of it! Let them do the work of finding out information because if he lies to them, they can arrest him for withholding evidence but instead you decided to work your own case which holds no grounds or merit anywhere but social eyes. Social eyes fade away after a week. Police don’t forget they press charges. You want justice, start with the police report and protect your case by only talking and cooperating with the police. Like you said Facial Recognition would catch him first. The Rape Kit would then catch him with his DNA but since you took a shower or bath, they don’t have evidence to make a case to say he did rape you. All you got is bruises and that’s all they can charge him for is battery which is not even a felony.

  2. Not surprising. He gives me clout chaser vibes. That friend who will brag about having Drake’s number. He’s not built to be a public figure and should have sent well wishes and healing when first confronted with this. What an idiot.

    1. ^ i just don’t understand why he didn’t just give up the information.
      typical pineapple.
      when you are black in this industry,
      you have to play by different rules.

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