cardi b tweet last week made me have to vent today

Can i vent about something real quick?
It’s been sitting on my spirit since last week.

so i went to the store last week since i was running low on food.
i picked up a few things that i needed and it was about 10 or so items.
i didn’t want to spend too much money so i went for essentials.
it was enough for me to go to the 12 items of less lane.
so i get there,
they rang up all my shit and foxhole…


this is how i looked as security had to carry me out.

i had to look at what i bought and wonder how this little came to that much.
it legit pissed me tf off because i was stretching the money i do have.

i have friends talking about taking on a second job.
i’m like wtf?
so when cardi b,
who is rich af,
shares the same sentiment on how expensive it is to eat:

… i know shit is bad in the country right now.
she reposted this video and i was like WOOOORRRRRRRDDDDDD:

like she said…

Is it cheaper to eat out?

i ain’t even gonna cap but that had me vex the whole weekend.
the bad part is that i needed more food.


 i asked my family to help me cause i needed a few dollas last month.
they said they would send me something and nothing.
thats why i was silent this weekend.
i just was…

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9 thoughts on “cardi b tweet last week made me have to vent today”

  1. Don’t tell anybody but I’ve been considering going back to that guy who wanted to take care of me.

    It’s disgusting out here with these prices!

    I only got a Christmas gift for my niece because kids need the holidays. WHEW!

      1. I don’t have the body for that “if you got it flaunt it”. He only wants me because I’m not ran through.

        I lowkey would rather struggle than let a man say he “made me”. So for now, holding out.

        But this time next year…who knows.

  2. My dear COSTCO HAS DOUBLED the cost of the same stuff I bought last year that have shrunk in size by a few ounces. I cannot

    1. ^ you know it’s bad when costco is trying to flim flam.
      that use to be the place you could get a bucket of ice cream in bulk for a lesser price.

      we cannot even think of trying to deal with another pandemic atm.

  3. I do Amazon fresh and yes it’s crazy I used to have to force myself to spend $50 for free shipping now I’m spending $68 easily

  4. No it’s ten times more expensive to order out lmaooo. Delivery charges and etc have increased. I stay away from supermarket. I go to the meat market and get myself a meat package, usually about 50 or $60 dollars. Since it’s just me the meats will last about a month. I only get my sides from the market and just cook. Cooking makes my meals last longer and etc. The regular supermarket sells food at inflated prices, especially the meats.

    1. ^ i feel like uber eats use to send me coupons like crazy last year.
      they acting mad stingy now smh.
      i try to cook my meals and stretch them these days.

      every day i thank GAWD i don’t have kids.
      they are a luxury nowadays with these prices.

      one thing i appreciate about coming from the struggle,
      we know how to finagle a meal when we are in between blessings.

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