so who is gonna say something kind over diamond (of diamond and silk) death?

i woke up with 4 foxtails today so i’m gonna try and font something kind.
when you find someone who rides hard for you like diamond and silk,
you need to consider it a blessing
i was kind.
i could not stand diamond (^on the left) and silk but like most maga folks,
she met her end last night.
by the end,
i mean…

Diamond passed away at age 51.

how did she die?
it hasn’t been reported yet but the foxhole has been talking.
this might have been a reason:

According to ( x this report ),
she was hospitalized with the Rona around Thanksgiving.

and if ^that is true,
remember they stated:

and this alleged tweet before their account was locked.
per ( x politico ):

β€œThe only way we can become immune to the environment; we must be out in the environment. Quarantining people inside of their houses for extended periods will make people sick!” the pair tweeted from their official account, which boasts 1.4 million followers.

now i don’t know if this is true as it’s all speculation
but it sounds like the herman cain curse to me.
you know these folks love to play into their conspiracy theories.
trump expressed his mourning for diamond:

he seemed genuine with that.
i don’t think i’ve seen him be that genuine before.

ima keep it a buck and not being fake but:

They were raccoons who were on the wrong side of history tbh.

i didn’t support them or anything they protested about/for.
i did crack up at them coming for enimen tho.

“build that wall,
build it tall,
protect us all before this country fall!”

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8 thoughts on “so who is gonna say something kind over diamond (of diamond and silk) death?”

  1. Not I.

    Same for Kevin Samuels.

    Any Black person who wants to divide or harm the Black community for their own personal gain gets NO sympathy from me.

    That delusional “respect the dead”. Why? They didn’t respect the lives of others.

    I get a deep rage for anyone who I know would’ve told on others trying to escape from the plantation.

    It’s not about “politics”. it’s about gaslighting for financial gain, knowing you’re lying for a check. Despicable and evil.

  2. I can think only of the horror that must have gradually settled upon her for the fatal miscalculation of her decision to not be cautious.
    Trump seems to genuinely convey empathy for her passage. Perhaps some glimmering shimmers of his display of humanity will enlighten the dark corners of hell that his followers inhabit.

    1. Nah, his post was shady like him. They are now asking for money to bury her. Girl, bye.

      Don’t she have Trump checks? Can’t Trump pay for the funeral? Not like they were on welfare. They got blood money. Use it!

  3. Please tell me that these two are characters from a “Reversal Version of the movie “White Girls”.

    They look like 2 Caucasian Males in Blackface .[ Being 100%]

    I never heard of them and I follow politics MSNBC, CNN ,and Fox [To see what the devil is cooking].

  4. During the lead up to the 2022 midterms these two gnomes had Herschel Walker on their show and the three of them were dogging out Black absentee fathers. Oh they were having a good time with the mockery and contempt. Not long after this the news broke about Herschel Walker’s multiple baby mamas and the abortion his supposedly anti-abortion @ss pushed several of the women to have and the kids HE was not taking care of. Did he apologize? No. Did these two gnomes, who were totally in the tank for that horrible racist Trump apologize? No. Do you think they even cared about their hypocrisy or cared about the hate they were pushing? No.

    Karma is a….

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