john lawson said there is nothing more repulsive than being hit on by gay males in his dms

john lawson aka @_jplfit was great when he was quiet.
he was like amber rose before she started talking.
after we posted ( x this ) about him,
he has been asking a lot of questions about the gay community.
this is one that i found interesting…

i was sent the following and i just have to font…

i’m gonna font my honest opinion about this.
there are TWO sides to blame here.


He is what you would call a dumb jock who is way too full of himself.
One who thinks he is smarter than he really is.
He doesn’t show himself going to school or bettering himself.
I don’t recall seeing books on his timeline.
All I see is him climbing shit,
doing handstands,
and showing off how high his testosterone is.
If he thinks he is different than all the other attentionistos…

The fact that he is charging this price:

…to see everything he has done on his social media is wild to me.
You see one pic/video of him,
you see ’em all tbh.
He is either really dumb or knows some of ya’ll are really dumb.


The gays are only putting up with John’s abuse because they like his ass.
his legit butt.
In clothes,
it appears he has a nice tail.
What happens after we see it tho?
he is not interested in having anything inside it.
Just because his dumb ass is showing his nudes,
that doesn’t mean he is expecting you to do the same in his dms.
it’s creepy and gross to send your nudes to someone who isn’t interested.
imagine how vixens feel when males don’t take no for an answer.
it’s giving “sexual harassment“.

ima need gays to stop fuckin’ with him.
ima need john to stop fuckin’ with and being curious about gays too.
john can’t seem to handle this and neither can “his support base”.

lowkey: i don’t understand why folks can’t jack off and move along.
these jack off materials’ biggest issue is they like to look “accepting”.
many of them really aren’t.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “john lawson said there is nothing more repulsive than being hit on by gay males in his dms”

  1. Honestly….. people gotta STOP giving these dude their money…..I don’t give a damn about how fine and sexy u are…. I ain’t giving you AZZ my money!!!! Hell…. Twitter is basically a porn site….u can see most of some content for free….(My opinion y’all)

  2. day he’s talking about being a ally and accepting everyone and being open minded..the next he’s telling people that if you hit on him he will “ reject you with all the life-force within me.” I don’t get why the gay community continues to support men like him.

  3. With the exception to Jamari and my intelligent brothers here who read and comment on this site;

    STRAIGHT & GAY MEN ARE DUMB AND WILL RISK ANYTHING FOR SEX.[ Money, Social Status, Career and sadly their Lives] Ask Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby , Harvey Weinstein Etc.

    What no one thinks about is sex is everything in your mind up until you nut .Which only last 5 seconds!!!!!!

    Mmmmmm ?????

    1. ^ you are right.
      males have been pretty dumb when it comes to sex.
      i have emotionally risked myself for sex (or what i thought was love) and i can admit that.

      we all have in different ways like the ones who can’t take no for an answer with john?

  4. For me, when you come out of your mouth with some negative, higher-than-thou BS, I’m done.
    I can understand that it can be unnerving to some, and he probably isn’t getting DM’s from “types” that fit his physical features…but that comment was downright rude and homophobic.
    Just say fellas please don’t DM me nudes or propositions for sex….and he could’ve left it at that.
    These dudes take it to a whole ‘nother level unnecessarily, and they have to realize the ladies ain’t paying for their OF, it’s gay/bi men. Just dummies.

    1. Regardless of your sexual preferences, speaking in a demeaning tone regarding someone’s else’s sexual preference is never acceptable. People who post selfies and sexually provocative content on their socials multiple times a day and every day, and then some go as far as reposting the same selfies over and over are ATTENTION WHORES and are doing it because they need validation. If they don’t want the attention then they know exactly what they need to do. And for the record, most women don’t PAY or get into worshipping the male physique like other MEN do, so the attentionistas can MISS ME WITH THE BS!!!!

  5. He acts like he’s doing cooking and How to videos, and people are coming at him sexually. Sir, you’re posting explicit content! Who posts a video of their erect penis and get “annoyed” when viewers slide in the dm’s??? A narcissistic, egotistical, asshole. 😂😂😂 I’ve met a couple guys like him before. They do things to get attention, then treat the admirer like shit just to see if they’ll take it, which will boost their ego even more.
    Long story short, Mr. Lawson needs therapy

  6. Paying 150$ for a sex tape is CRAZY. I feel like for that price I can pay to have someone just as physically appealing, and as an added bonus probably also less outrageously homophobic, to have a good time with me in person. Granted paying for sex either way is a no no for me personally (no shade at all to those who do, get the nut how you can 🙌) but paying that much to WATCH someone do the nasty…? Babyyyyyyyy uh uh. Google is free and so are the various porn sites and secret web links you can find on it. These people on Onlyfans is really something else chile. Now I’m not justifying sending people unwanted nudes and continuously harassing them because yeah no…but Sir…you are essentially a porn star that charges to entertain the masses. I feel like if you post on the INTERNET of YOURSELF nude videos, nude photos, fucking videos etc. then sexual charged messages from whoever watches said videos is bound to come with that territory. Or…no? Does that not make sense? I be confused. These dudes know they’re attractive and know what they’re doing by putting sexual content featuring them on, again classroom the INTERNET, yet be playing confused chelsea when they be getting attention. I’m lost…where is the lightbulb moment? It would be different if he was a regular instagram attentionisto but my good man you decided to upgrade to Onlyfans so…again for the third time…HUH? The crazy thing is I’m willing to bet that he could probably get tricked out by the right “circumstance”, so to speak of one of our kind. Probably a fem boy or someone akin to one or even someone willing to pay the right price. A lot of these attentionisto’s legit be fucking around on the low yet be talking out the side of they mouth 😒 Boy bye.

    1. At this point, I need me a sugar daddy. For these mfs to STILL be putting out PSAs about OnlyFans guys who don’t send videos after they pay…REALLY?!

      You got it like that to blow on a straight dude…IN A VIDEO?


      I’ll give you your money’s worth for less…shiiiid.

      Gay men are SO embarrassing.

    1. Seli
      I also have no clue who most of these dotards are. The pug face arrogance is giving Ron DeSantis vibes.

  7. Don’t
    Most of the gentleman who frequent this site have enough memories on cold lonely or sultry warm nights to keep us warm and cool without having to resort to cavorting with these Dumbat Dumbo’s? There are no refunds after the $150 orgasm. Support the homeless trade, it’s cheaper. You dig long enough you are bound to find a jewel for the night or weekend. These Saucy Sambos are so demeaning. Be like Miss Marsha and “Pay It No Mind”.

  8. I never entertained any of these only fans pages. Most certainly not his page. Charging $150 when you can go to places like the Flex or another bathhouse to see or engage in the activity. The people who keep supporting this so call str8 men should learn that they are only out for their money.

  9. He’s fucking weird. A few days before this rant he was posting all kinds of random questions about the homosexual experience or whatever the fuck. I guess he thought he was being thought provoking or something. Then I see this shit again. Yes, a lot of people assume those who are making adult content are also selling dick/pussy on the side. It comes with the territory. Just say you don’t.

    The way he talks you’d think his adult content was out of this world. All he’s doing is just jacking off. Like bring it down a notch my guy. You’re one dick among dozens.

  10. Gay men should get cut his @ss off and he’ll learn quickly to nip this homophobic sh!t in the bud. And if not, that’s on him.

  11. I’m starting to think this fool is bipolar. One minute he want to know to how to better with the LGBTQ to flipping out on the community…he constantly keep talking about masculinity this, masculinity that…he thinks all men are weak if they’re not super, uber masculinity! If all men are like that, then essentially we’re robots.

  12. Harpo, who is dis menz?! Like Marqwise said above, you can go hire an escort for the night for that 150$ for a damn video. Gay men can’t be out here being this damn pathetic!

  13. To be honest I think I’m on John Lawson’s side with this one. To be fair I don’t think Mr. Lawson’s comments will age well or stand the test of time; I don’t know what his end goal is but at some point he will have to backwards crab walk and apologize for his comments. According to what he has put in his bio he’s supposed to be educated and so I don’t understand making comments that you can’t fully stand behind.

    That being said, I’m kind of side eyeing the community at the moment; where is the understanding and where is the grace. I think I’ve said this before but I believe that a man or women whether they be heterosexual or part of the LGBTQIA+ community has a right to set boundaries. I say where is the understanding because if we are honest I think people are sending him some pretty wild things that maybe difficult to process if that’s not where your headspace is; if you are a self identified heterosexual male it maybe upsetting to get a DM or an email with pictures of men busting it wide open legs spread to the moon. I think people don’t realize how fine the line is between what’s inappropriate , to harassment ,to bullying , to stalking, to illegal. Y’all would have a fit and be calling for his head if exposed people and what those people are probably sending him. Yeah I get that there are some things that may come with the so called “ territory”, but even with that there is a point where the line has been crossed.

    Also something else that I’m tired of and something that needs to be aired out is the delusions that are rampant in the community. We really need to stop acting like the only people who are supporting these men are gay men and I dare they act like this. Based on the studies that I’ve seen the LGBTQIA+ community is a small minority in relation to the general population and being a gay black male for instance makes you a minority of a minority of a minority. If you look at Mr. Lawsons’ instagram for example he has 103,000 followers; assuming that all of those followers are actual people y’all are acting like 90% or 92,700 of those people are gay, that’s just utter nonsense. The reality is that he definitely has gay people who follow him but I’m going to say that most of the people who follow him are in fact woman. We need to stop acting like woman are not sexual people just like men, who get horny just like men, who lust just like men, who masturbate just like men. People were out here dragging Lamonte in the same way but clearly some women were watching because he found his way all the way to an episode of “ The Real housewives of Atlanta” (probably with some black gay male assist ).

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