john lawson abhors the gays hitting on him and wants ya’ll to lust quietly

le sigh.
there is a way to say and font things on beyonce’s internet.
you don’t see major companies providing products and services,
but being complete ass clowns to their customers.

This is what happens when you mix sex work with regula degulas who don’t know the business and aren’t fully comfortable.

i kept seeing john lawson and his content everywhere.
he is a short muscular wolf whose best feature is his butt cheeks.
these are what put him in the spotlight:

i was gonna post him for foxhole consumption but i’m not so sure now.
a foxholer sent me what he fonted on twitter today.

and more was to follow:

it was the all-caps GAY for me but go on.

sooooooooooooo ima font this:

I see where he is coming from in one aspect.
Some of these jackals will be up in these attentionisto’s DMS doing the absolute most.
calm down and learn boundaries.
It’s just a pineapple.
Act like ya’ll saw penis and cake before.

on another aspect,
i’m not really fuckin’ with what john fonted too tough.
it came off like this:

“I provide a service for YA’LL GAYS.
I know ya’ll lust and jack off to my bawdy.

I don’t actually like ya’ll and was hoping I could do this without all the extra harassment.

Daddy wants you to sit down,
shut up,
and behave to my liking.
If not,
you’ll be punished and sent to bed with no dinner.”

who TF is he talking to like that?
of course,

a wild pick-me is in his replies:

it’s like this one with his diatribe about his onlyfans content yesterday:

( x see it here )

a simple tweet from john about respecting his boundaries is sufficient.
that nice/nasty response with abusive undertones wasn’t needed.
he thinks he’s a lot for someone who does backflips and walks:

john must have started drinking early for new years.

lowkey: some of these attentionistos need to be brought down to earth.

he even wants 1k for his sex video.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “john lawson abhors the gays hitting on him and wants ya’ll to lust quietly”

  1. Lmao who?

    I get so sick of male content creators acting like they only get nude on the internet as a hobby. Y’all are doing this shit because you are unwilling or unable to get money from a regular 9-5.

    Most of them are STILL living off women.

    Unfortunately, as long as there are gay men that are high-key turned on by being rejected by men that treat them inferior he’ll get some coins

    1. ^ RIGHT…

      this one doesn’t seem to have a humble bone in his bawdy.
      i’m getting stories of his arrogance and i’m just like “why?”.
      he looks like someone else i’ve seen on the socials.

      i bet the vixen thats paying for his supplements has a story or 3 about him.

  2. Honestly, I find heterosexual, traditional, porn stars are so much more well adjusted to handle the attention from both genders, produce better content, and are less self-serving.

    See Troy Francisco, DeepThreat, Mazee and Airthugger.

    Plus you actually get content worth buying.

    1. ^even though i hate his “lemme be gayish with james angel”,
      air thugger is my manz.

      mazee is sexy af,
      i ain’t even gonna cap.
      i like watching him smash coochie.

      1. The real sex workers know men are their main consumers whether they are straight or gay.

        Plus they have actual sex appeal, not just nice bodies, and NONE of the ego issues of gay pornstars and gay for pay models.

        I’m not supporting glorified flashers anymore.

    2. Gay men created this. Just calling things things. If he was a feminine man w the same physical attributes, literally NO ONE would care. But, because gay men consistently equate being gay w being feminine, there is an unlimited amount of thirst for any straight man w a basic face and non-dad body, because of his presumed masculinity. Abusive or not, the years of oppressing the frustration of not being able to have a masculine man climb their backs due to the dearth of them in their own community, means men will pay for the fantasy of a masculine man, even if he is straight and unattainable.

      Perfect timing for a chance to do better.

  3. He looks like a sexy dog in the face
    His body looks like the average prisoner trade
    We been spoiled seeing men with ass dick and 6 ft plus with faces like models boo it’s more where you came from 😫😫

    Best of luck in the new year sustaining yourself

    & the fact he can name those subscribers who haven’t spent any $ shows he aint making that much .. pobrecito !

  4. I only just recently discovered him/started following him like three weeks ago. I was okay with just lusting after his body because I assumed I would have to pay(which I will never do) to see his dick, until he posted a 5 second clip of him stroking it.

    Can’t lie. When I saw this rant I hit unfollow because his first rant from a few days ago made it sound like he genuinely thought people were following him for exercise advice which made no sense after he’d just posted his dick being stroked. Which I know he only posted because his views/likes were getting low. There’s only so many times he can show the same side angle of his body before I & other people got bored and kept scrolling.

    His ranting is way too aggressive. I would say he should just block them if he feels boundaries are being crossed but for all he knows, those might be the paying customers which is why they feel bold enough to approach him in that way. Blocking & cussing people out is defeating his entire purpose. The best thing to do is ignore it. It comes with the territory of selling your body.

    Most of these dudes are escorting on the side which is why they have gay men in their dm’s fishing to see if they will bite.

    One last thing. I’ll never understand people who sell sex that get offended when people treat them like a sex object.

    1. ^ well i’m sure his views are about to be low since the foxhole has gotten a hold of this.
      he is ridiculous and his cockiness sealed his fate.

      i hope if he is escorting,
      he don’t be treating his clients like this.
      he will be cut off very quickly.

      1. Considering his rant about blocking followers who aren’t paying $5 I think his views will continue decreasing. No one’s buying anything more from him because it’s boring like his twitter.

        He better spread them cheeks and make that hole fart. It’ll expand his fanbase. Most people ain’t gonna wanna just watch him jack off.

  5. As a gay person who is over 50 and began dealing with gay men at 17, I hope these people with fucked up attitudes understand how temporary the attention is.

    Women reach a an invisible status at 55. Straight men become invisible over 60. Gay men ignore men beginning as early as 25-30. If this guy thinks his butt will continue making money that way, he should look at Grandy Glaze.

  6. 😳😳 SIGH…so let me get this straight – he poses nude, he post nude pics n vids and he expects his Multi dimensional audience to play by HIS rules😳 so we have ANOTHER one who is totally ignorant of what SM is?

    Can’t have your cake and eat it buddy. No one has to play by YOUR rules either. All you can do is use the tool that is given and BLOCK them. Sure he can post and tell his followers to refrain from the things that make him uncomfortable but in the same breath why the fuck are U on SM then?

    I Don’t get it? He has barely 4000 followers, nothing quite frankly to write home about, and he’s already pissing off those who take the time and follow his ass. I think we have ANOTHER Andrew Tate wannabe who believes his 💩 is edible.

    Memo to John: STFU and be encouraged people are actually following your shit. There’s PLENTY dick and ass on twitter. Straight guys as well, that gloat with the attention and have THOUSANDS of followers and the bank balance to prove it. He wish he were Marshall Price.

    I will advise him not to take himself so seriously. His dick is average at best, mediocre at worst. He has a nice body, I’ll give that to him. Face- average. But puhlease he’s not Gods gift to gays n bisexuals. The women he kraves to respond to him are just as kinky as the guys. He’d be comforted to know where the boys are the girls follow and that’s a good thing in porn.

    Fuck John. 😳

  7. Nothing like an arrogant man. BLOCKEDT. I don’t care to EVER see him on my TL from a shared post ever again. Bad attitudes turn me ALL the way off no matter how good you THINK you look.

  8. “Put in your place?”
    “Met with aggression?”
    WTF????? Any gay man still giving him money after that disgusting rant is a desperate sissy. These are the niggas gay men need to divest from. Imagine the arrogance it takes to market yourself to a community that you dont belong to only to act inconvenienced, angry and threatening to that some community. We also see this type of behavior from non black people who setup businesses on black communities. We arent human or worthy of respect to these niggas. We are a come up, a lick to hit. A means to keep them off they mamas couch. Women aint buying his content, he’s literally bussin it open for other man so maybe he needs to know “his” place before he end up back on that UPS night shift.

  9. Dear Male Thirst Trappers,

    When you are a male who decides to entertain via Onlyfans, it does not matter what sexual preference you have. The fan base that you want will share with the very fan base you despise. Some will even set you up. When you make a post saying how straight you are, that shows how gay you really are. Confident heterosexual men, will simply delete and block the advances, or politely say thank you for supporting me but I am not gay. When you go thru great lengths to show one nude, it’s not even worth it. Keep ya lil ass dick and ego.

  10. 🙄 This nigga could suck my balls, actin’ like he providing the cure for cancer or sum shit, baby please. This is 2022 Twitter, I done seen every nigga from here to Zimbabwe, with bigger dicks, phatter asses & even some with actual personality, but he’s straight & new to this, so I don’t expect him to know that “Gay Twitter” has eatin’ up & spit out niggas more appealing then him, he’ll humble himself once HE gets put in his place

  11. It’s giving DownLow, most men that are this invested in proving that they are straight are usually have a slight insecure about their sexuality.
    Also for you to be naked on the internet is and don’t want compliments or advances is wild as fuck.
    He the type that fuck YT old men on the low, and have a girl, but they not together.

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