peace tf out 2022

it was quite a year.
i don’t know about you but

It was a year of healing and growth.
It was a year of losses and gains.
It was a year of hellos and goodbyes.

as life usually is,
it had its moments but overall,
there were good things to come out of this wild ’22.

We made it to day 365 in one piece.
That is enough to celebrate.

i hope everyone in the foxhole starts off ’23 great.
say goodbye to ’22 in style.
even if you are alone,
thats still a vibe.

I’m excited to see what we get into for ’23.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “peace tf out 2022”

  1. It was not a good year for me either. I hope 2023 will be much better. I pray for peace, joy, love and happiness. Good news and good things for us.

  2. Happy 2023 Fox! I pray that you and all of the Foxhole have a blessed, prosperous and peaceful year. That you grow and learn more about yourselves. That this new year brings things that will sharpen you and help you become a more polished version of who you are meant to be. And that your strength and mental fortitude grow abundantly. Here’s to another year of development and looking forward to new memories and adventures! Sending love and protection to you all!

  3. Peace tf out 2022! Hoping for a much better reality in 2023! Happy new year to everyone.

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