church folks hate beyonce and all of you who are in the hive

on another side of the black vixen superstar coin,
beyonce seems to be getting it from all sides these days.
#protectblackwomen ?
some folks sure don’t like bey in this era of her life.
i remember some church folks were TIGHT about her song,
church girl“.
( x see it here )
that happens to be one of my fav songs off the album.
a pastor named tiphani montgomery thinks bey is a witch.
according to the neighborhood talk

it was revealed that she was part of that same coven in the past cause…

and she explains why she hates bey:

bey has donated so much money to ( x her hometown church ).
her opening statement for her award at the grammys was a prayer to God.


she has involved her love of God in her career.

some so-called christians are filled with hate and spitefulness.
when they don’t “like someone”,
they go out of their way to make their hatred known.
is that the message from God?
where is the praying for guidance on those who have strayed?
it’s always these very hateful “weird flex” messages on the altar.
you see how they treat their gay children/relatives.

Some of the males in the church be gay af and the women be power hoes.

from what i’ve dealt with…

Some Christians act like their church is a cult.

…and if you don’t follow their teachings or way of living,
you are an enemy to them.
i don’t know what beyonce did to provoke them…

…but she is doing something right and I’ll allow it.

lowkey: a side of me thinks the issue is cause its a gay-influenced era.

4 thoughts on “church folks hate beyonce and all of you who are in the hive

  1. So many of these “Church” “Christians” are more diabolical than the Devil. I’m so glad Bey doesn’t pay them any mind.

  2. Low-key I do think Beyoncé is into some other type of stuff. I say this because she did that performance a few years back dressed as an Orisha. Me personally I don’t think this is witchcraft though. Just I guess a different line of thought. Personally I think a lot of this religious leader use their idea of what the religion is to push their own agenda. Good for this “Pastor” if she found something better but honestly Beyoncé should not been in her thought process at this stage if she is really so “saved”.

  3. It’s called wanting attention, even if you’re a hated villain.

    Boosie did it with Lil Nas X.

    So did this “pastor”. She probably couldn’t get tickets for the concert and this is her way to vent.

  4. She is an example of why I don’t have a “Church Home “and cringe at anyone with the word ” Pastor” in front of their name.

    Use this same energy by giving money back money to your congregation, fighting for positive Black empowerment, Abuse of women , Men and Kids , police brutality and protecting Black Voters right!

    Beyonce is a pop artist and threatens no one. This is like “Shooting the dog”.

    She is merely using “Beyonce ” for clout and media attention!

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