are ya’ll still listening to renaissance?
i am.
the new shit i’ve had on repeat:

“All Up In Your Mind”

this song touches my spirit for personal reasons.
the one thing i like about beyonce is her maturity.
there has been a resolution with all this kelis drama…

i mean,
it wasn’t like kelis was getting money from it.
this was a war between kelis vs pharrell.
poor bey was in the middle.
it’s best to remove the shit and move forward.
kelis was never gonna stfu about this in her dragging.
bey was like lemme wipe my hands of this before it gets really messy.

someone called out bey for using a slur on the song,
my fav song on the album too.


she used the word “spaz” and someone(s) got in their feelings.
bey will have to re-record:

Beyoncé will remove the word “spaz” from one of her new songs, “Heated,” after she received criticism from disability advocates.

A rep for Beyoncé tells Rolling Stone, “The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced.” It’s unclear how the “Heated” lyric will be changed; as of publication, the original version of the song was still live on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Beyoncé uses the word twice on “Heated,” singing, “Spazzin’ on that ass, spaz on that ass.” Though the word was ostensibly used in a colloquial way to mean going crazy or wild, “spaz” — which is derived from “spastic” — has a history of being used as a slur for those with disabilities, especially cerebral palsy.

some folks are way too sensitive.
i wouldn’t even have associated that with that.
it’s gotten so bad,
monica lewinsky going back to bey’s self-titled for a lyric change:

( x sorry monica ).
your clout chasing has been denied.

not only that,
the church vixens were mad about the lyrics to “church girl“.

please read the ^comments under this.
holy guacamole…
this album is infamous.

You know that means it’s GREAT.

the lessers wished they had this kind of drama for their releases.

articles cc: rolling stone | part 2


  1. There is a lesson to be learned here‼️

    Kelis is not the songwriter or producer of “Milkshake” so her money stopped after she stopped performing it. She doesn’t get to make any decisions regarding the song. She does not continue to get paid from the song. Beyoncé puts out a song called “Energy” in which there is an interpolation of Milkshake, not a sample. Beyoncé legally clears the use with the songs producers and adds Kelis as a songwriter which means she can NOW get paid for years to come.

    Kelis goes on a tangent calling Beyoncé a thief and says she could have had the decency to call her, even though she didn’t have a legal obligation to do so. Instead of Beyoncé responding negatively, she simply removes Kelis as a songwriter and the use of a simple “La La La” that would have gotten Kelis paid for life.

    Now Kelis is back to square one, no credits and no money from a hit song she didn’t even own. And y’all thinking Beyoncé was wrong? If anything, it’s a surprise gift. Hey, I know you didn’t get taken care of for your single, so here is an opportunity where you are put you as a writer on my song so that you can get paid….

    Moral of the story: Don’t let emotion and low vibrations ruin your blessings. Humility and unity over pride and division.

  2. I think Beyonce is getting the attention she deserves, but I would call a big “SIT DOWN” for Lewinsky and the folks uptight over her using the term “spaz” just like when they came after Lizzo. Too damn sensitive. It’s not like either lady is genuinely mean-spirited…release the wiggle.

  3. The “spaz” thing is SO CORNY! They did this to Lizzo too.

    I don’t give a fvck and will sing the original and whoever can get mad. With that logic, “dumb, stupid” are slurs too because they refer to being mute or deaf at one point in history. FOH

    1. It’s seen as a slur in the UK. The way I’d be petty and only remove it from European vendors. Y’all refuse to stop saying the n-word and aren’t Black, but everything ELSE is offensive.

  4. Now Monica Lewinsky is trying to get Beyoncé to remove her name off of the song partition from Beyoncé self titled album it’s like Beyoncé can’t catch a break and I’m hearing that one of the Clark sisters son is mad at Beyoncé for church girl because it was too raunchy and they use the sample from the Clark sisters

  5. For me, this album is a gift to “US” . It’s also so “New Sounding and Forward”. I feel as though we are witnessing a “SHIFT” in popular music. Though they are saying its “Dance” it’s more than that . “Renaissance ” is almost a brand-new musical genre. It’s fun ! It’s what I need in 2022. As I mentioned , I am not a member of the Beehive, never seen her live and the last album I bought was “Bday”.

    As far as “The Drama”.. it comes with the territory.

    This Album is so special that there’s going to be much more controversy and folks not quite knowing how to deal with The Queen Shutting sh– Down !!!!!

  6. It’s only causing this uproar because she’s “that girl”. See what I did there lol….. Cozy, Cuff It, and Alien Superstar are on repeat in my house.

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