so we have the monkeypox, rona, and another beast coming to destroy us?

if you know you have monkeypox,
and you know you are supposed to be isolated


i saw this shit earlier today and felt the urge to fight:

i don’t get it.
so we are dodging monkeypox while the rona is still a thing too.
i have been going back and forth on if i should get my rona booster.
i’ve asked people i know and foxholers their thoughts.
it is legit split down the middle.
i decided i was gonna hold out until i saw drake posted this…

even though drake is in everyone’s face these days,
as ( x biden has been to catch it a second time ),
i have heard from people who avoided catching the rona until recently.
i’m sure it could mean many things,
as everyone is back outside again,
but they all said they were following safety protocols.
i decided i’d look into booking my booster appointment for this weekend.

so i’m looking into that and the pretty vixen sends me this:

i started to have an anxiety attack wondering if i’m vaxxed for polio.
my friend told me i should have already gotten it as a kid before school.
i contact my cousin in barbados to ask how can i get all my medical records.
at this point,
i’m legit in panic mode.
no answer from any of my family in barbados.
you know what that meant,

 I proceed to have a teensy tinsy meltdown.

…just a tiny one on the richter scale range of like an 8-ish.
i turned my phone off,
threw it in the laundry basket,
and went and took a shower.
it’s always something these days.
either the aliens are on the way,
the zombies are tingling for their takeover,
the rapture is getting booted up,
or humans are about to be an endangered species soon enough.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “so we have the monkeypox, rona, and another beast coming to destroy us?”

  1. I literally give up…

    I’m vaxd and double boosted! Got my 1st monkeypox vax.

    Now I gotta go out here worried about polio?

    I’m done.

    And that dude on the train, nor the dude talking about ‘stigma’, ain’t shit! Those attitudes are why rona wasn’t less of an issue.

      1. In the South where I live, masks are a bygone custom. People are coughing, hacking and snot slinging all over WalMart, at Sonic, BK. I wear three masks and gloves. My hands are healed from blisters from scalding hot water. My body, my choice is bullshit. And people can touch grocery items with their monkeypox hands. And these pissy children running, touching things in stores. Couple that with unvaxxed children whose parents will not allow them to get vaccines of any kind, including polio vaccines. This whole sinister brigade of virulent biowarfare is planned. God is a shield around us. If you know how to 🙏, the time to start is right now.

        1. A woman caught moneypox in Atlanta by touching money where she worked at she was a cashier at a race track and she touched infected money

  2. They trying to kill us These diseases are popping up left and right and these are old diseases I will not be surprised if they bring up the black death they are doing this on purpose These outbreaks are happening on purpose they have the cure for the disease instead they want to make money off the sick give us the actual cures for diseases

    1. Nobody wants to acknowledge this and it’s infuriating. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, literally has samples of every known epidemic. The idea is if there’s ever an outbreak they can work on a cure. But what happens if someone breaks in or doesn’t follow protocol all of the time?

      When they were making their own tests and not using the government made ones, guess what happened? A Covid outbreak in Georgia.

      I used to work in healthcare and have known of people working in infectious disease research units and not sanitizing properly when leaving.

      Eradicated diseases don’t just pop up out of nowhere. There has to be a perfect storm of disturbing things you shouldn’t, weak immune systems and ignoring symptoms.

    2. These outbreaks are happening because folks are just nasty. BEFORE they even asked folks to get vaccinated, all they asked was for people to wear a mask OUT IN PUBLIC. They didn’t even want to do something as basic as that. Like it was REALLY going to hurt them to keep the mask on if they’re in the store for a few minutes. Once they came out of the store and were alone, or in the presence of their family, they could take off the mask. People felt too privileged to even do that…and look where we ended up. Now you got people out here with no masks on, coughing and sneezing…and nobody says anything. If people don’t want to get vaccinated, that is their choice, but the LEAST they could do is wear a mask. They don’t even want to do that…but if they get sick or worse, the first thing they want to do is sue. I am so done with society. Lol

      1. Christian
        Or they take up beds needed for others, after willingly deciding to not vaccinate or wear masks, then contracting Covid.
        Polio on the rise because piss ant kids are unvaxxed because parents will not get that one or other vaccines. And the funk emanating from the pores of these walruses in line at the grocery stores.
        It would have been so easy to contain Covid, but losers and privileged punks and punkettes don’t want to comply.
        This country is a funk hole bowel of disgust. Now monkeypox. So convenient, right before the school year begins. Good luck America.

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