He’s Breakfast, Lunch, and Maybe Dinner. I Haven’t Decided.

take a good look at this baller wolf meat.
hoodsworld forced me too.
i didn’t run.
i didn’t put up a fight
i couldn’t…

everyone meet brandon stephens

tumblr_mor00azS8s1qk5j8to1_500 i would let him smash my brains out and fix him breakfast after.
all while dancing:

leowolfofwallstreetdancingthe only issue i’m having is there is not a lot of info about him.
i don’t know where he plays officially.
i just know he is a nfl cornerback.
free agent or signed is the question.
shit is he hiding in a corner in the back?
well someone can provide me the info,
but until then:

tumblr_mla6ao1Dlb1so90q0o2_500see i’m dancing again…
so how you like your omelet brandon?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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