from what i remember,
jussie smollett was one of the favorites on empire.
next to cookie,
who was played by taraji p. henson,
and andre’s butt which was attached to trai byers.

jamal was the gay brother who was the underdog on the come-up.
jussie was also lee daniel’s golden child too.
the straights were rooting for him.
so when his brother,
jocqui smollett,
said the black community didn’t save jussie because he is gay…


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…i’m calling BULLSHIT on this.
if jussie was straight,
or even an alien from outta space,
it’s his antics that turned people off.
in reality,
many people still think he lied about all of this.
it has nothing to do with his race or his sexuality.
you can’t say that when he was loved by many before this.

People think Jussie is a liar.

he is also coming off like a spoiled brat too.
i get the family is trying to support him,
but they are becoming delusional and doing more harm at this point.
now he wants everyone to protest outside of the cook county jail:


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where was everyone when he was going to trial?

jussie needs to do his time,
work on getting out on good behavior,
and figure out his next strategy cause…

UPDATE: with all that complaining,
jussie is getting out of jail.
per tmz:

Jussie Smollett is going free — at least for now — while he tries to get his sentence for the hoax attack overturned.

The appeals court ordered Jussie’s release during the appeal process. He will first have to post a bond of $150,000 before he’s let out of Cook County Jail. It’s unclear when exactly he’ll be able to walk free.

Clearly, the state isn’t happy with the decision, their response to the ask for release reads, in part, “Rather than attempt to meet his burden of showing good cause for his immediate release, Mr.  Smollett makes only cursory, woefully undeveloped arguments. Each fails to demonstrate good  cause to stay his jail sentence.”


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well shit,
maybe if those in jail complain and throw a fit,
they will be released early from their sentences too.

see article: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. He’s just delaying the inevitable in my opinion.

    Too much has transpired, the state HAS to make sure he serves that whole sentence now or else it looks like they wasted taxpayer money with this whole debacle.

    His money might be long, but not long enough to keep paying all these lawyer fees and not bringing in any money.

    1. ^if someone told me this jussie and this debacle would paly out,
      i’d slap the person in the face.
      i would NEVER would have thought this was how his career would turn out.
      empire had probably a good 10 seasons in it.

      1. I don’t see how he can ever work in Hollywood again.

        Jurnee better watch herself too. I understand supporting fam, but once he was found guilty that should’ve been it. You want an act of congress to get your brother out of the situation he orchestrated?

        They know he’s lying, even if they won’t admit it. They probably just feel like he needs help.

        1. ^i hope he realizes that he got released due to privilege of being a celebrity.
          there are many regular people who don’t get to leave jail like he is.

          as far as him working in hollywood again,
          taraji said he can’t even get a call back or get hired for any gigs since this happened.
          i’m confused as to why she would think he would be cast in anything during this drama.

      2. I agree on the number of seasons. The real tea is what section of the forest of delusion does Jussie dwell in.
        He had that African and held the jewels in his hands, tasted them. What more? Fame and a great job and you concoct this amateurish low budget Get Smart episode, but why?

  2. What a strange arc this turned out to be. Jussie initially had everyone’s support. But people aren’t stupid (for the most part haha). When something doesn’t make sense, people will question it. Black folks know when they’re being played with.

  3. At this point all of this is now starting to feel manufactured to me. I’m not into conspiracy theories but I almost feel like all of this is purposely being done by the media to keep Black people in a bad headspace. There’s no way anybody is that dumb. Before I didn’t see it but it was only after this statement by Jacqui & the one Taraji & Jurnee released on their ig’s that has me thinking this all one big strategy by the powers that be. I think everybody is being paid to keep the circus going cuz ain’t no fucking way. Like this shit is old. The world been moved on but they keep finding ways to keep beating this dead horse.

    This is why the term STAY WOKE(before it was hijacked) was created in the first place. Stay woke!

    1. Now blacks will resist going to the police when attacked by magas.

      Ahmad Arbery, Trayvon Martin, and the Karen victims lost their voices in this trial.

  4. We all know that nothing in the country is designed to benefit black men. Knowing this, that stunt queen decided to throw his hat in the ring with the CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM by filing false police reports about a fabricated attack by white supremacist. The system called bullshit and is tearing him a new asshole and his family and supporters are claiming racism and homophobia? They’re throwing everything at the wall to see whatever sticks at this point when they should be telling that sociapath to seek lenience by ADMITTING he LIED

    1. All of this! Delusions of grandeur, overinflated ego, clout chasing, narcissism, undiagnosed mental illness, substance abuse, it’s all a recipe for disaster.

  5. First of all I’m not delusional or a Stan 😃 My opinion is based on pics and videos I’ve seen,of the suspects outside the building, in the taxi and in the Uber.Based on documents I’ve seen regarding the police lineup where neither the Uber nor taxi driver picked out the brothers.Based on reading witness statements describing a white or light skin suspects,one with a rope.Based on fact that CPD lied about some video footage they had.There are so many things…

    Also reading that the detectives and supervisors assigned to this case have had over 560 combined misconduct allegations.Reading about all the lawsuits and millions of dollars in settlements.BTW one of the detectives, Richard Hagen, was sued by the family of Laquan McDonald for participating in that cover up.

    There are multiple reasons why I doubt his guilt.My opinion is based on the documents,pics and videos I’ve read and seen regarding this case over the last 3 years.The IG page, JussieSmollettCase, has some of the documents and pictures and videos.They also do a good job of pointing out the discrepancies in what the Chicago Police Department and Special Prosecutor has publicly stated vs what’s in the paperwork.

    I just saw the footage of him leaving the jail with his brothers.I’m happy he was released and good luck on his appeal. Whatever happens, he’s going to be alright.

  6. If anything Jussie being gay is helping him cuz Black women are going easier on him. If he were straight, we’d be getting endless stuff about how toxic his masculinity is eye roll

    1. He should’ve never been in jail in the first place. This arbitrary obsession with fuk up = go to overcrowded, 0 fuks given about rehabilitation, jail, is in no way productive. What society gains by him being in the same place as some person who just beat some Asian lady to death in an anti-Asian attack, is beyond me.

      Hating him, his actions, his _____, or anything else, is 1 thing. That said, we gain nothing from him being in a jail cell for a victimless crime.

      And yes, I too know that that mofo is lying through his damn teeth.

      1. He should 100% be in jail for making a mockery of a very serious issue in his attempt to get fame to push forward his pathetic career. It’s bad enough we barely get justice for injustice caught on camera.Think of all the people whom real things happen to who never get justice and this clown was out here trying to be a fake victim? It’s outrages. He should be under the jail.

        1. I didn’t mean to post that in reply to your comment, but I wholly disagree. This is being conflated because Jussie is famous. If we heard this happened to John Doe on our local news we would smh, and keep it moving, expecting some sort of civil punishment.

          I’ll never understand how someone thinks someone who lied and caused a victimless crime deserves to be ‘under the jail’. How this person deserves to be in the same place as R. Kelly, is beyond me.

  7. I’m over the Jussie debacle. I just came to say what happened to Trai Byers and that beautiful face&ass? I haven’t seen him in anything since Empire. Surely a nude scene in some Tyler Perry show is in his future, no?

      1. I’m just saying I’ve already written my thoughts on the matter and Jussie clearly is going to keep the shenanigans going so while he’s doing that, where’s Trai at?!? 👀💦

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