so i have a question
as you know,
the foxhole isn’t typical.
i love to play devil’s advocate when i’m confused about something.
depending on the answers,
i’ll change my opinion or ill give “the face of judgment”.

the hot topic these days is jussie smollett.
i keep reading that he shouldn’t have went to jail.
“he didn’t murder/hurt anyone” is the main argument i see.
so this is where me playing devil’s advocate comes on…

lori loughlin went to jail for 2 months for a college scam.
she paid money through a scheme to get her daughters in college.
one could say she didn’t deserve jail,
she didn’t hurt or kill anyone.
she just wanted her vapid daughters to be or do something.
( x read more here )

felicity huffman did the same thing lori loughlin did.
she didn’t hurt or kill anyone and she got 11 days.
( x read more here )

martha stewart was in jail for conspiracy.
she lied about her sale of a stock she had back in 2001.
she was sentenced to 5 months in prison and home confinement.
again: no one died right,
it’s like who cares about some stock scheming?
( x read more here )

jussie smollett was found guilty of allegedly creating false reports in staging a hate crime.
was there talk of him committing perjury on the stand too?
either way,
he was sentenced to 5 months in prison.
he was given many chances to take a plea,
pay the fines,
and let the public forget about it.

So when we break this down…

all 4 of these people were accused of lying about something.
3 out the 4 did their time,
have since been released,
and doing whatever with their careers in hollywood.
i meannnnnnnn…
martha is out here cooking with snoop for her comeback.

not only that,
in society,
these three women would be labeled “karens“.
because of their white and rich privilege,
they didn’t get the harsh sentences that any regulars would get.
jussie went to jail for 6 days,
became a massive karen before and during his stint,
and was just released because they appealed his conviction.

Jussie used his privilege as a celeb to get out of jail early.

regular people don’t get released during their appeals.
correct me if i’m wrong.
so the argument of him being black and in jail won’t work.
he is currently out of jail.
am i right?
you can say he didn’t hurt anyone to be in jail.
three other people went to jail for allegedly lying as well.
not only that,
they all didn’t have the true jail experience like regulars would.
so lets cut the bullshit and call it what it is …

We like Jussie Smollett and we don’t want to see someone we like in jail.

…and that is perfectly fine!
stop comparing him to heinous crimes against black people.
stop comparing him to white and rich privilege when he has the same.

…because if this was a rapper or some nobody that pulled this stunt,
they would be tarred and feathered.
there would be no comparing them to emmett till.
it would “get to jail and we won’t know you when you get out“.


if we gonna go a little deeper down the rabbit hole
if the demon who lied on emmett till got arrested today,
she could pull the same stunt jussie did and get out of jail too.
they can use the statute of limitations and other loopholes.
this is if she doesn’t plead guilty as she should.
so this jussie argument blows back on a lot of things,
but i fear some black folks are too simple-minded to understand that.

i could be wrong tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. He needs to be in jail right along with ya girl Cardi. If I’m not mistaken did you have a bunch of excuses for her when she assaulted several black women and drugged several men? let’s see what excuses you have this time.!

    1. ^ um ok…

      so she actually admitted to that and no one brought charges up.
      she didn’t lie and was actually very honest about what she has done.
      i don’t see how this goes with that but okay…

      1. It matters because she still committed a crime meanwhile you are willing to excuse her violent crimes. also because I’m noticing a pattern with you..

        1. ^if you noticed a pattern,
          since you are so observant,
          you’d know i’m not really a cardi fan all like that.
          she has personality and all,
          but i don’t listen to her.
          ask me the last time i listened to a song of hers.


          ETA: you still haven’t answered the fact she admitted to these things.
          so what does that have to do with jussie?
          your argument is weak.
          try again love.

          1. Girl don’t get mad because I called your cheap ass blog out for being a bootleg lipstick alley. You have a chip on your shoulders against black American men. Typical Caribbean.

  2. Jussie should have done his time. I’m tired of Black people NOT holding famous Black people accountable for their shit. Lastly I’m tired of the “but a White blah blah did this so he should be free”. He’s a narcissist, he’s privileged and has money. The nerve of people to paint Him as a revolutionary or freedom fighter is a fucking insult to those who truly fought for equality, both in civil rights and gay rights movements.

  3. I personally don’t think any of them, (w maybe the exception of Martha), should’ve done time. America has this fascination and normalization with and of jail as the default whenever we find out about someone doing something wrong. I don’t care about Jussie or aunt Becky at the end of the damn day. I just believe there is nothing to be gained from locking ppl in cells en masse, and then being outside protesting against overcrowded and inhumane jail/prison conditions. Make them rich mofos go serve lunch and do janitorial at some ghetto ass school for community service or some sht. Give them home confinement WITHOUT work release. Hit these rich ass ppl in the their pockets where it hurts. But this societal default ‘send em to jail!!!!’ for unpaid parking ticket warrants is ridiculous at this point.

  4. So what about him conspiring and lying on the African men.. and then distancing himself and throwing them under the bus. So we release him but what about the entire case lol.. it was more than him wasting Chicago pd time. He was caught in the lie they said there’s proof that he planned it all. I think ppl are misunderstanding the magnitude

    Kim went to prison simply for not admitting she knew men that did a shooting

    So why should he be free bc taraji and Tina Knowles said so

  5. Real talk as much mess that white people have gotten away with, I’m over it.

    Nobody goes this hard for Kyle Rittman to be jailed and he killed people. I haven’t heard his house being stalked or him being harmed. Spare me the cooning.

  6. There are some people who will defend their friends and family tooth and nail all the same time knowing they dead ass wrong! Instead of holding their problematic friend or family member accountable, they just enable them to keep doing the problematic stuff like that molester uncle or auntie that er’body in the family know not to leave your kids around them without supervision but they’ll be laughing and kiki-ing with them at the family function rather than hold them accountable. Im not surprised that all these celebrities posting “Free Jussie” on their social media, I mean, look how many celebrity folks were still hanging out with R Kelly even after that child rape tape went public? Im not saying Jussie and R Kelly are on the same level of criminality. Im talking about how celebrity STAN culture acts when it comes to their problematic faves and holding folks accountable.

    Personally, Im so done talking about this ninja and his lies and fraudulent stunt queen crimes that only getting this attention cuz he light skinned, biracial exotical with a celebrity clout factor. If Jussie Smollet was anybody else, especially dark skinned and fat, his ass would still be in jail.
    And yall can miss me with all the “the criminal justice system is unfair to black folk” and “Nobody got hurt…victimless crime…”.
    This Lying Narcissist KNEW how crooked the system is but HE CHOSE TO COMMIT THE CRIME ANYWAY CUZ HE IS JUST THAT SELFISH AND NARCISSISTIC. Such a cold, calculating unstable, narcissistic egomaniac, Jussie Smo-LIES was so ready to ruin the lives of them two Nigerian brothers, throw them under the bus and take the wrap for his reckless fraud.

    Giving all these MAGA haters bullets to load in the guns pointed at US, Now anytime someone yells they been a victim of a hate crime, THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS will pull the Jussie Smo-LIES card against us! So Fuck Jussie and his celebrity and his money that makes him think he is untouchable! And I lump all these enabler FANS and STANS that go hard trying to do the mental gymnastics to justify the crimes and wrongs of their problematic faves all in the same boat. Hell, some of yall still listening to R. Kelly music so yall’s a lost cause IMO. Y’all figure it out eventually. Im over it. Yall gone learn.
    Age of Aquarius is here and what’s done in the dark, will be brought into the light!

  7. I think the sentence he got was fair, but I don’t care that he’s not in jail. He really didn’t hurt anyone or take opportunities away from folks, so what would be the point in locking him up? Fine him, force him to do community service and call it a damn day. He lost his career and probably won’t ever work in Hollywood again. What more do people want?

  8. The hard pill to swallow is: EVERYONE IS NOT TREATED THE SAME. There are even “regular” people that do fucked up shit and get off relatively “easy” it depends on the situation. How you carry yourself. How you HAVE carried yourself in the past. What you know about the legal system. And what you can afford to help you get out of said legal situation. We all know Jussie lied. But if that Lying nigga knows the right “trigger words” to say and has money to hire lawyers that know all the “loopholes” then dammit IT IS, WHAT IT IS!

  9. I don’t think his celebrity is big enough to afford him privilege, because I couldn’t imagine a big time celebrity getting any jail time. Plus, his career is pretty much done.

  10. Lori had two spoiled kids who should’ve been doing their homework. Instead she tried to pay to get them into college. They probably still would’ve flunked out anyway. Same with Felicity.

    Martha got caught up in an insider trading scandal. There were some Congress members that also were accused of insider trading…did they get in trouble as well or a slap on the wrist? I can’t remember.

    Jussie was looking to make himself a victim…and that shyt backfired. He dragged two folks into it unnecessarily, even though their dumb asses could’ve said no thanks.

    My philosophy is this: You do the crime…you do the time. Simple as that. No matter the color of the person or their status.
    What he did was wrong. What they ALL did was wrong. Sadly our justice system has a VERY bad habit of handing out sentences unequally. Money can get some a lesser sentence or have you avoiding jail altogether. While for many others, they will go to jail no matter what. Is it better legal representation though? Makes me wonder sometimes.

    What will be interesting to see is what happens with Trump and his associates though. They had the most egregious actions of all, trying to overthrow the government and our elections. Will THEY get prosecuted? I highly doubt it.

    1. Nah one drop rule makes him black, he considers himself black too, if you ever had sex with a woman and you are gay you are not called bi either..

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