BEWARE Because There are Now Spies On Grindr

the next best thing in finding sex from a willing hoe in your area.
if you go to the notorious bbqs on 23rd street,
i bet everyone in the restaurant is logged onto either that or jack’d.
that spot is where the queens playand try to get laid.
full on chicken, shrimp, and cornbread.

a f-bi sent me something that shows you better watch your ass (literally)…


wtf is this?
the vixens are on there looking for a gay BFF?
i love vixens i do,
but they talk way to much.
they think every gay dude is their hair dresser or stylist.
they will be the first to out you…
…and then want to talk about their wolf problems.


watch cho shit foxes/wolves/and hybrids.
stop telling these vixens all your shit!!!
the jackals ad hyenas are not the only ones who you gotta watch out for.
god forbid you get on there and some vixen you know comes across your profile.
especially if you are trying to be discreet or d/l.
nothing worse than a fag hag.

these jackals and hyenas go and tell these vixens who they fucked on the low.
she goes and tells her friend.
her friend tells another.
and like wildfire that shit spreads.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “BEWARE Because There are Now Spies On Grindr”

  1. Alright y’all keep messing with these vixens/hags treating you like the latest ‘must-have’ accessory — have AWL your business in the streets. And some of them are probably looking for their bf on their…seeing if he’s DL lol

  2. Uh uh back give me 50 feet I’m sure if they just talk to a gay dude they can find a gay friend. On the other hand some fish every now and then don’t hurt lol

  3. J that is how alot of DL men get outed and blame the poor wolf or fox when its the hags the use to mop up their dirty conscience.

  4. Um, this is nothing new. Plenty of women get fake pics of attractive guys and get on BGC and A4A.

    When BGC was really hot I’m sure there were tons of women on there looking for dudes.

    These queens run their mouths to them about the dudes they meet on these websites.

    That’s why I’ve always taken one’s online pics with a grain of salt. You never know who’s really hiding behind them.

  5. I hate having females friends sometime, especially if they look like a bruja because they would get jealous if a good looking guy is giving the attention and not them… “Here come the trouble.” I said in my mind as they look at me with some dirty ass looks.

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