#TBT: My First iSPY

 i found my first ispy.
i took it when i had a shitty phone so the quality is “eh”.
i think i took it in ’09.
i can’t remember.
it’s funny how small the forests are.
so i was talking to foxholer,
about this one hispanic wolf we came in contact with.
he was a manager at bbqs on 42nd.
what caught my attention was how fine he was,
but it was his fat tail that was the star of that show.
i think everyone went to see him and their drinks.
i know i did.
well this is the ispy i sneaked when i was feeling adventurous
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BEWARE Because There are Now Spies On Grindr

the next best thing in finding sex from a willing hoe in your area.
if you go to the notorious bbqs on 23rd street,
i bet everyone in the restaurant is logged onto either that or jack’d.
that spot is where the queens playand try to get laid.
full on chicken, shrimp, and cornbread.

a f-bi sent me something that shows you better watch your ass (literally)…

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