Baby You Can Pee On Me While You Are Drunk.

so i nearly got peed on tonight….

a golden shower… 
with my clothes on?

no, it is not what you think.
although this may have been the closest action i’ve had in a while.

it happened tonight when i was coming home from a get together in bk.
the rare occurrences when i felt like going down “there”.
i decided to sit next to this man who was sprawled out on the bench in the train station.
i should have known better.

i was listening to bad religion,
trying to pay attention to the words,
when i suddenly say a trail of liquid on the ground as i looked down.
i thought the alcohol i swiped as leaking in my bag.
naw, when i really looked…


i couldn’t have got up fast enough.
if that piss would have touched my sneaker,
i would have legit socked him in his mouth.
maybe even make him lick it up.
yes, i’m evil.
the mta worker had to carry his drunk ass up and out the station.

welcome to new yawk.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Baby You Can Pee On Me While You Are Drunk.”

  1. I thought u lived in BK? Which would you say had more eye candy and social opportunities, Harlem or BK?

  2. I miss NYC sometimes; though not mess like that.

    So who’s actually done watersports, though? Don’t be shy, we won’t judge 🙂

    I’ve pissed on a guy once *shrug* — no plans on doing it again, though

    1. As you would say, *shrug.* That is disgusting. I’m not judging you, just the act. I could NEVER see myself doing that. Different strokes for different folks.

    2. LMAO Trifling ass LOL. Did you pee on dude on pupose or by accident? LOL. Did dude have a fetish or something? LOL Please explain this act to us man. We still cool tho. LMAO……

      1. On purpose – yes, it was his fetish. In the shower. White dude (not that it’s exclusive to them, but … lol)

        Hey, if it doesn’t involve children, blood, or scat, I might try it…lol

      2. He’s was white, that explains it all. I know it couldn’t been a brotha who let a nigga piss on him. LOL. I like white guys tho and I think their cute. I’ve been wanting to get one for a minute because I know white guys are into freaky shit that most brothas aren’t into. LOL It’s nothing wrong with it tho.

  3. I have to be dead tired to sit on those benches. I’ve seen enough subway rats/mice running alongside the walls to know better. I just can’t do it.

      1. I never singled out a borough, nor did I “point my nose down at Brooklyn.” In fact, I usually travel within Manhattan, and that is where I see the rodents.

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