A Fox’s Thoughts While S E X I N G

I nearly broke his back slamming him up against that wall…

when you’re horny,
you get super human strength for some reason.
i haven’t had sex in close to a year.
my body was READY for this.
who else would be the perfect candidate than my ex?
rather than go out there and find some stranger wolf,
i could hit my bastard of an ex up and rent his pipe for the night….

tongue kissing usually turned him the fuck on.
it usually got us naked in close to 10 minutes.
i had to remember why we broke up in the first place.
he is a DAWG.
not even the correct spelling.
he cheated on me with his co-worker.
one who nearly outed his stupid ass.
but one thing he knew how to do right was to lay some good pipe.
my neighbors hated when that head-board started banging.
that is the only reason he got a text.

when i got to his neck,
that was his que to put his big firm hands in my underwear.
i needed him to start fingering me.
we have contact.
gotta whisper a few “i miss you baby” in his ear.
i didn’t really.
i just needed him to be really hard.
i wanted him to give me some dick that i ain’t never had.
i want him to try some new moves in this foxtail.
i want to actually feel like i miss a nigga.

ok good.
he is pulling his down.
i guess this is my cue.
i missed sucking his dick.
he has a really pretty penis.
one that i make sure to have in my photo album on my phone.
i even got him to send me a video of him jerking off.
sometimes i like to stare at it.
if i signed it up for the “pretty penis awards”,
he would be a shoe-in to win.

how deep is this nigga trying to go down my throat?
i nearly threw up at that one thrust.
but, let me not act like i don’t like this shit.
i remember the days i would surprise him with throat while he was watching the game.
or, the time i sucked his dick in the movies and i nearly gagged.
the people in front of us nearly freaked out.
we didn’t give a shit.
i’m a freak.
he’s a freak.
good times.

why did he want to hit it from the back first?
i wanted him to lie on top of me.
he has worked out extra hard and his pecs look so damn good.
i wanted to suck on them as he fucked me.
i really wanted to look into his eyes.
something i loved doing when we were to get….
err, wait a minute jamari…
that means you could slip up and fall in love again.
this is strictly a dick down.

he is fucking me so hard.
i’m actually getting mad.
i hate it when he goes this deep.
i can literally feel my insides stretching out.
oh shit, he is picking me up.
fucking me while standing up?
got my legs literally spread wide?
ok then baby….

i had to show him this trick i learned while riding.
his legs are curling.
good, it worked.
let me grab him by his neck and choke the shit out of him.
i hate him so much.
he hurt me so bad.

the fuck…
all in my guts….
jhqknm nqwddfgchgdthv!
wtf is my name again?
he went super street fighter in my shit…

i don’t think i can take anymore.
i’m just like take it.
you win.
my fuckin legs are trembling.
i’m covered in your sweat and mine.
i don’t know how long i can stay in a handstand….

ok good.
looks like he is in the home stretch.
i know that face anywhere.

you know what?
he can cum in my face.
i am in the mood for something outrageous.
you live once right?

ok this is A LOT of cum.
i didn’t expect this.
it’s in my fucking hair!
he is so sexy when he is cummin’.
he starts grunting and his legs get all tense.
let me close my mouth.
i don’t want him getting any ideas…

that was some great dick.
okay, i need him to grab that shirt and pants.
his “lying around” privileges are over.
he can do that at his new joint’s crib.
this was a “i need it” dick situation.

i guess.
let me make this worth it.
i’ll grab his dick too for extra measure.

bye baby.
i may text you again…
or maybe not.

wait by the phone.

Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 7.12.12 1:30am

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “A Fox’s Thoughts While S E X I N G”

  1. I wonder how much of that is based on a true story…lol

    Some of this reminds me of the last time with my ex – though we actually like each other – it was one of those wtf happened & what did you do to me sessions…in fact, let me see what he’s doing this weekend…

  2. Goddamit Jamari. Read this at the bus stop on the wah to work. Got my dick hard and now I’m all hot and bothered. Fuck you you brilliant writer.

  3. I initially thought that this was true. I was secretly rooting for you Jamari for getting that much needed meat. Great story. I hope you continue it.

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