MEAT (163)

all mine.
yeah, i’m selfish.
you know i keep a concubine of wolves…

Jordan Borroughs is about to win us a us medal in the Olympics this year.
i promised myself something if he won

i’d let him dance all up in this foxtail and throat.

sometimes you gotta let a wolf salsa in ya shit.

… now go win us that medal.
i don’t take anything but gold.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “MEAT (163)”

  1. He is very cute… I was watching him on tv the other day… he caught cauliflower ear from wrestling…his ear is all puffed up… still cute though…

  2. He’s a great wrestler who had an incredible high school career. He also seems to be a nice guy. I don’t need to say how good he looks in that singlet, but he looks damn good in it.

  3. Have mercy…I just watched his gold medal interview after the Olympics and that was enough for me. I got the feva for the flava for him…MMM MMMM MMM

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