andrew gillum’s alleged escorting ghost, travis dyson, might be coming back from the dead

your ghosts will come back to haunt you if you’re not careful.
you think they’ve moved on,
but they’re patently waiting to come up from their graves.
remember i asked ya’ll what happened to the escort,
travis dyson,
who was involved with the andrew gillum situation?
he has his dvr set for monday morning.

i took him for being messy during the big hotel reveal,
but i figured he might have been paid off.
doesn’t look it.
you know these folks love any little fame rewarded.
he does take a mean ( x pounding ) ( x another pounding ) tho.
i was gonna font something,
but i’ll shut my fingers up.

from the looks of it,
andrew is being really honest in these previews from monday’s interview with tamron hall:

start @1:10:

“When that photo came out, I didn’t recognize the person on the floor,” Gillum said. “That was not anything more than a person being at their most vulnerable state, unconscious, having given no consent, and someone decided to use a moment where I was literally lying in my own vomit.” – via ( x the ny post )

this looks like it’s gonna be a blockbuster interview.
i can’t wait to hear what the wife has to say.
the best thing they can all do for themselves is be transparent.
andrew’s interview with tamron hall premiere’s monday,
september 14th.

lowkey: i’m blown away that tamron is 50.
she looks so young for her age.

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14 thoughts on “andrew gillum’s alleged escorting ghost, travis dyson, might be coming back from the dead”

  1. See this foolishness right here? If he had just left the self-hating mess alone and utilized the services of a black escort (who I’m sure wouldn’t offer methed-out bussy) then none of this would’ve happened. He ain’t got nobody but his fine, chocolate, denial-ridden self to blame for this.

  2. I feel for him. He made a mistake and I hope he and his wife overcome this. That escort needs to disappear like damn you’ve had your 15mins

  3. Now, I was thinking of video footage of him going to the room with or without the party involved but likely the hotel won’t release footage for privacy. Im just scratching my head wondering if there’s more footage of the hookup, cause it could be damaging.

    1. I know that’s real. Escort should’ve disappeared. But if Andrew wasn’t gonna keep him on payroll I guess he need to make that onlyfans money while he can.

  4. I hope he’s 100% truthful because if he claims these were just friends and there are pics/videos/texts showing they were more than friends,he is screwed( no pun intended).

  5. Inquiring minds want to know: Why did Andrew Gillum go to that room that night? What was the nature of Andrew Gillum’s relationship with each other man in the room that night? At at any time was there a sexual relationship between Andrew Gillum and any of the men in the room? At that time? With whom? If so, when did it begin? If so, was it a pay-for-play relationship? Was it romantic? Did Andrew Gillum get naked? How did he get naked? Why did he get naked? Did Andrew Gilliam knowingly take any alcohol or drugs? What alcohol? What drugs?

    Those questions should be answered by the interview. Inquiring minds want to know.

    I suspect that the escort will be watching and that he will be primed to let his views be known shortly after the Gillum interview is aired.

  6. Something tells me that Andrew Gillum probably isn’t going to deal with the elephant in the room, his homo/bi/pansexuality. Tamryn Hall may ask him about it, though, so I could be wrong.

    What he does in his private life isn’t my business, but he was such a promising politician and his downfall was so public and messy, so the situation raised the issue, not me.

    At the center of you have this Yt escort who clearly is going to be waiting to see if he’s going to be thrown under the bus(sy). I believe Gillum is getting help for the alcoholism and maybe a drug problem, but I also hope he’s talking to someone about the double life he was leading and how to accept himself and deal with his sexuality.

    BTW, he looks so handsome in the last photo you posted.

  7. Charlemagne called it. Telling a half truth aint tellin the truth at all.

    He probably has a hall pass from his wife. She gets to be the governors wife. He gets to play in bussy on the side.

    He def was on some hook up site. On his phone.

    He likes to pnp.

    Literally got caught wit his pants down.

    None of that was admitted.

    And therein lies the truth. Pun intended.

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