Yup. Frankie Is Officially Taken.

frankie has confirmed that last entry.


he is banging that long haired fox and i couldn’t be happier for him.
he tweeted this:


… attached to this picture which was quickly erased..


this is cute.
this still reminds me of my favorite line from jay:

I’m a hustler now
My gear is in and i’m in the in crowd
And all the wavey light skinned girls is lovin me now
My self esteem went through the roof man i got my swag…
december 4th.


i see he like the light skin foxes with the good hurr to pull.
hey, he is enjoying his success.
i don’t think he “sold out“.
he still has the same friends.
he isn’t white washed.
he isn’t fucking some one direction pop star.
he is just getting a sweet tooth from some french cakes.
imo, he came off like he would like skaters or emos.
look at his persona.
the long haired fox looks like one.
he is just doing what most of us would do if we had the money to do so.
he did a little upgrading.
i see rappers doing the most with the brazilian and white hoes.
so i had to ask…

is frank ocean just enjoying the perks of his success?


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24 thoughts on “Yup. Frankie Is Officially Taken.”

  1. I won’t believe it until he officially confirms it. The media has a tendency to create a story where there isn’t one. Especially blogs.

    It bothers me that there’s this automatic assumption that this is his boyfriend because he’s taken a few pictures with dude. If we didn’t know his sexuality, would we be making the same assumption? No.

    He’s a Scorpio. If he’s in love, you’ll know because he won’t be able to keep it to himself.

  2. Aww Frank is in love. This is very nice to see. I don’t understand why he’s getting heat because he’s not with another black man. I prefer black men, but some men of other races make my head turn sometimes. Willy is very attractive and men hat look like him could make many men jump to the other side for a minute. Shit… Mark Sanchez drives me crazy lol.

  3. No Hate today, good for him, I can tell by the pic that its more than friends, by the look in his foxes eyes. After reading the GQ article, Frank is a different type of dude, who seems to live by his own set of ideals. He seems like the type of dude who is sensitive and who girls would find irresistible, and maybe some boys. Personally, if I make it on a superstar level, you would have to keep me away from NFL players, because I would be a groupie but I love athletic dudes, so maybe this dude is just his flavor, probably a artsy creative type of dude who is his speed. It would do my heart good to see him with a brother, but I no longer fool myself because its rare that I even see two black men together anymore, even on a everyday level in my city. From the tone of the article he seems to be searching as we probably all are for LOVE.

  4. That picture looks like something from a music video to me but if they’re together I wish them the best. I think it’s odd that there’s not a single out gay black celebrity with a black partner though, especially since the vast majority of all relationships are intraracial. If every out white gay celebrity had nonwhite partner I think gay white people would question it too.

    1. Good point. I feel the same way. If successful white gay men started dating lets say… Indian men… in significant numbers I think other white men would be like.. ‘wait a minute?’

      I’m trying to think of other gay black celebrities. I can only come up with Wanda Sykes and her wife is french. Who are some others?

      1. ^many blacks in the public eye period do not always date their race.
        it really has to do with preference and taste.
        when you have the ability to get any piece of pussy or ass,
        you go for complexions who ignored you back when you were a nobody.
        you start to go after your fantasy because you know you can get it now.
        little do they know,
        is it really about you being liked for “you”,
        or is it about the money and power you possess?
        sometimes its all about dating,
        having fun,
        and getting things out your system (or not).

      2. Outside of Wanda Sykes there’s Don Lemon, Lee Daniels, Tracy Chapman, RuPaul, Shaun T, and Wade Davis Jr. It’s also rumored that Robin Roberts and Mike Woods both have white partners. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with interracial relationships and I don’t think black gay public figures have to only date within in their race to represent black same sex couples. Some of them may have dated other black people but just happen to be with a nonblack person. I know Tracy Chapman was in a relationship with Alice Walker at one time.

        But even the most notable partners of out black public figures I’ve learned about in history weren’t black (Bayard Rustin, Alvin Ailey, Audre Lorde, Barbara Jordan, Marlon Riggs). The race of their partners don’t take away from their accomplishments or what they’ve done for society but I just think it sucks that there is so little representation of black same sex couples. Even when there’s a fictional black gay character it seems 9 times out of ten they won’t be in a relationship with another black person unless it’s something specially geared towards the black gay community. Black same sex couples need to be represented in society at large and I think that’s part of the reason so many black gay people got so excited about Kal and Tariq on the LA Complex and Nate and Rob’s wedding video.

      3. Bayard Rustin, whos responsible for organizing the black movement, was not with another black man? Isn’t that kind of Ironic? Im definitely going to look into these black figures you listed because that’s crazy to me.

  5. Frank has def always looked like the type to go for the skater type. It’s not like he disses black people in his music. I just wish some black people would stop thinking every black celebrity that gets with someone who is not black is a sell out or an uncle Tom. Frank is for sure enjoying the perks of his success. Happy for him and mr. Willy Cartier.

  6. I’m happy for Frank if he’s happy…and that picture looks rather intimate – even if it was for a video.

    However, I think it’s foolish not to take a step back and look at so many successful Black people – men/women, gay/straight/bi – that end up with someone of another color, and not think it strange. Is it for appearance? Facilitate upward mobility? Are there no other Black folks in their circle? I’m sure there is love involved, yet we know some of these kats have said they don’t/didn’t like Black people, so you have to wonder how ingrained is it that we’re not good enough? I think it’s a combination of factors, personally.

    To look at it as a whole & say that questioning this is hating is short-sighted to me. So yeah…I wonder (in general), yet I wish Frank all the best. When you’re ready to explore the foxy side of your hybrid-ness, hit me up 😉

    1. I totally agree with you. I do think we need to take a step back and really look at this as a whole. There is something going on. Chris named a significant amout of gay black people in the public eye who are not partnered with another black. I dont believe its random. I dont believe ‘love is love’ in these instance. I do believe there are factors like the ones listed that cause this. I cant help but notice when rappers and athletes and actors choose very light skinned women with long hair as their partners. I see the same preferences in the clubs and in social media. I still think colorism is still ingrained in us and we havent dealt with it.

  7. Chris point is not necessary about frank but more about the trends of black celebrity’s dating outside there race 90% of the time. Whether or not we choose to believe it celebrities are role models, and if all blacks who make it find them self with a cute snow wolf or catch a Latin fever, what messages is that sending to black youths looking towards them. Blacks need to simply admit our inferiority complex it goes beyond the light brights looking cute and its simply your preference.Preference stem from some prejudice of the other choices. I use to prefer dating men of other races till i realize why dont i ever give guys of my own race a chance i was force to ask my self was it a preference or a prejudice.

    1. It’s not just Blacks. Latinos, Indians (red dot, not woo woo lol) have the same issues. Light (read: White) is Right. The skin lightening creams, lotions, etc are big in some countries because of this. Colorism is real & needs to be dealt with

      1. Notice most other races tend to date and marry within their own, regardless of their status. In my experience it’s rare to see an Asian with a white person, or an Indian with a Mexican person, etc. Blacks (men specifically) are the only ones that “trade up” when they “come up”.

        I can’t really speak on the dynamics of a lesbian, interracial relationship though. I don’t think they discriminate and look for a certain standard/type like men do. They’re really looking for a life-long partner, which is why lesbian relationships tend to be more committed and lasting.

  8. Chile, he is playing with the Media…he’s the type of person.

    He’ll write a new letter saying the media is dangerous and jumping to conclusions blah, blah, blah.

    1. This. He’s a discreet attention whore. He knows he has people hanging on his every word and all he has to do is throw in some metaphors and double talk to keep them guessing.

      As I’ve said before, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out when the Grammy’s come around. If he wins nothing people are going to be all up in arms, but no one seems to care much about his music anymore.

  9. christopher francis ocean doesn’t exist anymore.
    well not to us.
    frank ocean is this new character in our itunes and our lives.
    he has two strikes against him.
    one – he is black.
    two – he likes men.
    in the hiphop community,
    the latter is always the biggest strike.
    frank could have played the queen,
    or he could have played down low like the others,
    which we are all use to in hollywood.
    or, he could play the “deep philosophical nigga”.
    so he writes a letter that is taken as “deep and sentimental”,
    the doves flew and the volcanoes rose,
    …and people loved it.
    that is what he needed to do to get noticed.
    plus, he had an album coming out and he was a relative unknown.
    there started his BRAND.
    “frank ocean”.

    if he had come out on some “lil kim/yeah i suck dick and i chase after men who are taken/i had coke in my butt cheeks when i drove from new orleans to hollywood”…
    …we would have been looking at him like wth????

    what i’m trying say is he started out on some deep code shit.
    that is what reeled the world in.
    so, everything he does will be deep and will be a code until he reinvents himself.
    and guess what?
    you will be sitting right there reading it because this is how the game works.
    this is why chris and rihanna put up a pic and get 100,000 hits in two minutes.
    why beyonce is still a perfect mystery.
    why is kanye is dating kim k.
    this is their brands.
    they are here to entertain us,
    make us talk,
    and keep names in the papers (watch chicago).
    and if you wanted to be a celebrity,
    you will do the same thing because that “ima play by the rules” shit don’t work in hollywood.
    this isn’t deshaun who is bi down the street and we met his ass on bgc.
    this is someone who has to appeal to a mass crowd to sell a product,
    so of course,
    he is going to be different… than what we are use too.

    1. So you’re essentially saying the same thing as me. He isn’t being authentic. He’s a gimmick. An unusual one, but a gimmick nonetheless.

      So if he’s not like Deshaun who’s bi down the street lets not put him on a pedestal like he’s representing gay black men.

      I dont dislike the guy, but I hate when ppl mistake slick talk for intelligence or depth.

      1. ^i don’t think he is a gimmick.
        a gimmick is the hair dresser,
        the personal shopper,
        the gay best friend.
        the typical “black gay guy” in the industry.
        when gays are casted in movies and televison,
        they are casted as the stereotype.

        i actually think he is intelligent.
        i don’t get “play his role to make money” as he should,
        but i feel he is actually a smart wolf or hybrid or whatever role he is.

  10. ^also he wrote the letter,
    wanted to show his real feelings,
    and continue to be discreet with his actions.
    he isn’t highlighting his gayness all over twitter.
    magazines are asking.
    blogs are writing.
    he answers the question in a way that,
    like a smart celeb,
    is something you need to decipher.
    i don’t think he wants to be on a pedestal.
    we’re putting him there subconsciously.
    i kinda feel like someone was about to out his ass and he panicked LOL

    but think he wants to make music, get money, and fuck.

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