MEAT: (237)

i found a whole “bust a nut” platter with latin heat for you guys.
no words.
just visuals for your late night thrills…

his thighs…

don’t talk.
just stand there and let me get mine.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “MEAT: (237)”

  1. Uhh Jamari…who gave you access to my man’s pictures lol! I need some of that Latin Heat…he’ll have me speaking spanish fluently!!

  2. I get a bad vibe about this dude, have heard on other blogs that he is major homophobe and not gay friendly at all, dont know how true it is, but he is just okay to me as well, but that dont mean I will turn him down in the middle of the night if he came knocking.

    1. ^i’m sure he has a nice fox (or hybrid wolf) waiting at home as he goes and gets those duckets from those fat vixens he dances for.

      you know those are always the ones to get exposed for their secrets.

    1. He’s an old-looking 19…Latin men have an expiration date when their looks start to go South.

      And I think they dance in boots cuz it gives them a place to store the money.

  3. j i agree some fox or wolf servicing that when it gets home. The disclaimer to the vid makes it even more obvious. Really only for women who asked for the clarification

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