Pay Me With Dick

Imagine meeting this….

Sexy as hell right?

The lips are on point.
Jawline is bananas.
Hopefully, the dick is like butter pecan pie.

He would definitely be commander in chief on your sex spaceship.

there is a problem.

Do you know that 85% of Foxes today meet Wolves,
who look really good,
and those Wolves are paying them in penis ONLY?

That is it.
They do nothing else but come into our lives under the disguise as boyfriends.
I like to call these Wolves on simple word: BROKE.

They have nothing.
No motivation.
No drive.
No ambition.

All they do is pogo-stick from Fox to Fox,
using their pipe as a credit card
and swiping it between ya cheeks or pussy.

They are actually quite dangerous
because they play off your loneliness and desperation.
They know that you were a lonely Fox for a long time and by subtle things you do, they pick up on it.

So after they literally fuck you stupid,
you DON’T start noticing you doing stupid things:

He stays alone in your crib while you bust your ass at work
You cook him food, that you bought, and he kindly eats it up
You let him fuck you twenty ways upside down RAW
You start paying for his cell phone (I dunno why. He is in the living room playing PS3)
You buy him all kinds of shit and you end up staying broke
You wash, fold, and even dry clean his clothes
You replace your old friends with your new ones: his dick and balls.
Tattooing his name all over your body while he isn’t/won’t
He can update his FB and Twitter but you updating his resume
You see his dreams and potential, but he clearly cannot see it (or doesn’t want too)
…etc etc etc.


I don’t care HOW good he looks.
He could be Devin Thomas for all I care.
If you are BROKE,
you are not speaking my language.

I’m not saying you have to buy me shit all the time,
but if I’m taking my ass to work, YOU should be taking your ass to work.

I have a career in the making.
You should too or already be there.

I ain’t gonna have no Wolf laying up under me,
and he isn’t doing SHIT but just look good.

What part of the game is that?????????

Do not get clubbed to retardation over penis.

I don’t care if he looks like this:

Because after a while,
you will look like this:

… and trust,
he WILL move on when the well is drying up and he is tired of fucking you.

Always find a Wolf who is on the same page as you or better.
Like the saying goes: You can do bad all by yourself.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Pay Me With Dick”

  1. I’ve never been in that situation myself, but I had a good friend go through it, and it was insane. She was cooking, cleaning, doing his laundry and fucking him on command — all while going to school and holding down a job. Meanwhile, the fool was spread out in her apartment with not a damn thing going for him. When he finally dumped her (in the shadiest way possible), my girl was devastated. Crying for hours, not bathing regularly, walking around looking like she was strung out on something. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she went through the same situation again with another dude, except this fool took it a step further and stole her identity, opened a credit card in her name and started going on shopping sprees and partying on her dime. Between her situation, this post, the comments and the other stories I’ve heard, I’ll make sure to steer clear of wolves of the do-nothing variety!

  2. I love your honesty! You had to go through the pain in order to understand pleasure. And Rock, there was no pleasure in that situation besides guaranteed dick. I learned a while ago, NEVER let a Wolf move in unless you are SURE he is the right one.

    You do not want to be stuck in a rut, with a million bills to pay, and his lazy ass riding your coat tails.

    Same way he looks good, I look good. Same way I got him, I can get another. Always live by that. And if there is NO Wolf in sight, trust and believe, you can sleep at night knowing you have no extra.

    You did good leaving him alone.
    Fox approved!

  3. Damn, Jamari. I hate to admit it but I’ve been there. I was in that relationship for 3 whole years and finally let it go but after the well had run dry. This dude never had anything to offer me. i think he may be famous one day not only for his good looks and talents, but he can con the shit out of anyone. The dick was good, and he was sweet to me, but most of times I was worrying about helping him be his own man. After 8 months together, we lived together. One day he just decided that he was going to quit his job because he’s an actor and needed to make time for auditions. Left me with the bills. I kicked him out, but he would still leave his shit over my crib and make me feel sorry for him when it was time for him to come get his shit. When he got his own, (that sponsored) he still got kicked out of his apartment after he quit his job AGAIN, was living off of me, causing conflicts between me and my room mates. Had the nerve to try act like a fuckin boss in my own crib, I was so dumb. That voice inside didnt want me to think that he wasnt shit, but the truth hurts and I had to move on. Never again will I be that young and dumb. I gotta forgive myself. When you know better, you do better.

    1. Bruh I been there as well. Two year relationship similar situation dude on section 8 n food stamps but can’t do for himself. The day I moved in couple weeks later hmmm dude ain’t working so now I’m working get home all u want is sex but apt dirty nothing ready to eat. Or be riding out on the phone talking to ya friends all day like they don’t know bout me ignoring the fact and respect. But I think moving together is a bad thing because most get sucked in to the living arrangements and try to fight and keep it together. I did till I woke up and realize why I’m taking care of another when I don’t have hmmm next move things got cut off. Start back doing me dude couldn’t hang my feelings got thrower out the window. Last thought time to go and was out. Single life is get more happier.

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