Meat Of The Minute: Bret Lockett

I would LOVE to be in the middle of that Sex Sandwich.

So I saw Bret for the first time in this interview he was having with Devin and the chick with the locks.

Lowkey: “He is cute.”

Couldn’t get too wrapped up in him because the hubby was there.
P.S: Look how jealous the hubby is in that picture above.

I see him here and it made me so….. mmm!….

*waves*: “Hi Bret…. with one T”



I can do with a little Bret.
Bret gives me “DL boyfriend” vibe.

*psst* Did you see Maurice Leggett in that second video?

*Looks around for Devin to bust me upside my head*


Later Foxes.

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5 thoughts on “Meat Of The Minute: Bret Lockett”

  1. Lol I did a google search and saved the same image up top after the KRAVE magazine cover. BTW why am i not subscribed to this magazine?? They obviously know what FINE looks like! But i know what you mean feelin like ur cheatin lookin at bret (with ONE “T” tho LOL) with ur man in the room. And if things don’t work out… i mean….yo no se…pero…tu sabe! lol

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