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So you know I love Foxmail.
I got a good one that I felt needed to be posted.
Check it…


Foxmail question:

Wsup Jamari.  In keeping with the current trend of your foxes passing on valuable info, I thought you’d like a look at this.
As much as I love your posts about dudes who have the potential to reach double-D-status, I’d like to get your reaction to the following videos.


1. (starting at 1:20 into the video)
I’m not sure if your a fan of True Blood on HBO, but if not, let me give you some brief background notes.  Lafayette, the black dude, is a short order cook, and on the side, slangs V (vampire blood), which, as you can imagine, is not looked kindly upon by the local vampires.  Jesus, works as an orderly at a mental hospital, where Lafayette’s mother is a patient.  And Jesus only knows Lafayette is gay because his mother called him a faggot.  In addition to your reaction to the two scenes, I wanted to know a few things:
1.  Would you want to be approached like this.
2.  Since you’re a bottom, do/have you approached dudes like this.
3.  I think the whole world knows that Devin is your ideal Daddy :-), but would you ever consider a Latin Daddy like Jesus?
4.  Are you going to start watching True Blood?
I just wanted to put you and all of my fellow foxes on to something new.  Unlike some other media (I’m looking at you Oprah & the NYTimes), HBO isn’t blaming every new case of HIV/AIDS on black gay men.
P.S. – HBO might remove these videos from YouTube for copyright infringement, so if you need video files for posting let me know.
P.P.S. – If you know of any other foxes in St. Louis, send em my way.  BGC and A4A has started to become a waste of time.  Feel free to use my name 🙂

My Answer

Well hello Mister Rashad.
You question was that of an interesting one and not the usual:

“please please please find me a fine Wolf.”

As far as True Blood, I have been hearing nothing but GOOD things about that show. Gaytekeeper even spoke about it on his blog a few times. I haven’t been able to check them out, well that is a lie. When Mechad Brooks was on there, I caught that brief love scene he had with the black girl (thanks to Rod 2.0).

…other than that, I am a true Blood virgin.

As far as the videos are concerned…

1.  Would you want to be approached like this.

I think any red blooded Fox would love to be approached like that.
It was smooth, sexy, and homeboy in the purple was a gentleman. It beats the “look-wink-look-look away-wink again-look away” approach that most black DL men have grown accustomed too.

2.  Since you’re a bottom, do/have you approached dudes like this.

Believe it or not, I take the “you want me, come and get me” approach. I have never been a “walk up to a nigga and smooth talk him into a fuck” type of Fox. I am kinda sorta maybe…. shy. I do my best work when I know the guy gets down rather than if it is a guessing game.

I like a TOP to take the lead and chase me so I can return the favor.

Confession: I have a fear of rejection.

I know, I know…

3.  I think the whole world knows that Devin is your ideal Daddy :-), but would you ever consider a Latin Daddy like Jesus?

I am willing to date another race.
Jamari doesn’t discriminate on sexyand um… Jesus is sexy.

“Oh Jesus…”

4.  Are you going to start watching True Blood?

You have made me even more interested now just by watching those clips.
I’ll bump them up on my Netflix que, just for you. Thank you for the heads up.

HBO and Showtime have always been gay friendly, which I like. And, in my opinion, they do not stereotype gay men like the other channels. Guy with the eyeshadow wasn’t feminine but he was masculine in how he carried himself. I could see myself liking his character. He took control of that situation rather than blush and giggle.

Again, thank you for the email.

…and I take it you are not a Fox looking for a Wolf? If so, *wink* to you from the Concrete Forest, and fellas down south, Rashad is definitely looking.

Anyone interested, hit the email and keep the Foxmail cummin!

Later Foxes.

4 thoughts on “Foxmail: True Fox

  1. To be honest…I would’ve blushed and giggled a little if Jesus was coming on to me that strong. He’s gorgeous. Lafayette handled the situation PERFECTLY. I definitely LOVED Jesus’ approach.

  2. Jesus is kinda cute! I’d go for it lol. But THAT is exactly what men are looking for these days. Just come over and introduce yourself, ask if we can go out sometime… and then follow thru with the date! Is that so difficult???? Heterosexuals seem to have gotten then down. Why are the black gay men not following this standard? I absolutely hate the, as you described it, “look-wink-look-look away-wink again-look away” thing. Who thinks thats cute? For the most part… if they don’t wanna walk over and introduce themselves, i guess we’ll remain strangers. I’m not the type to pursue.

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