Baller Woes and Low Blows: Darren McFadden

meet Darren McFadden:

meet his problem….

So Darren is a sexy type chocolate thick Wolf!
No complaints on my eyes.
I’d climb that mountain a few times and never get tired…

…but I’m tired of this.

I’m not mad at him persay.
He thought he could trust the pussy in his palace.


he was all kinds of messy having her in there

Her, being the messy groupie ho that she was, decided she would play:

“Guess Who I AM Fucking Gurl….”

… and snapped pictures all throughout Mister Mcfadden’s shit. The kicker is Mister McFadden has a baby mother, which makes me wonder why he felt comfortable to leave that thristy ho in his crib… alone.

So a question come into my mind.

1. Where was the baby’s mother?

Maybe baby mother is at a separate crib, which would explain all this leaving her alone in the house. And truthfully, ballers are going to fuck alot of various pussy (boi pussy included). Even if they are in a relationship or not so these baby mommas, girlfriends, and wives need to understand this… and enjoy the perks.

Thirsty Ho obviously got set up by one her friends and they sent all the blackmail pictures to MTO, a messy site already.

Can one of my Foxes get me an ID on this chick….?
Is she a cheerleader or something?
For her sake, I hope so.

Fox Advice

Well, Darren, you pretty much fucked up BUT… you are a good player and I am sure your baby’s mother likes that steady pay check. I say buy the baby mother something pretty and fuck her from here to hayday and let this blow over.

Notice I did not say hotel UNLESS she is a steady ho and not “ho that flashed me at the club”.
You do not bring the trash to the tropics and let’s say, it is a sunny resort at your crib.

Dump the ho immediately because I don’t like her style and she got OD because
she got some baller dick and got excited.

Hotel or house,
Jamari isn’t going to be sloppy.
No one needs to know I am fucking a baller but me, my booty, his dick, my mouth, the bed, and him.

…then again, we are two men and I do not have that luxury.

So let this be to all my baller wolves reading and get it together.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Baller Woes and Low Blows: Darren McFadden”

  1. She’s not even all that hot… I don’t get it. Does she think she’s the first girl hes ran through? Does she think shes the last? I don’t understand.

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