Meat Of The Minute: Orlando Scandrick

So this is who this was?

I been trying to get an ID on him for a minute.
he is Meat Of The Minute!


I saw his picture on a message board somewhere and I thought:

“Damn shorty can get it.”

But what I didn’t get was his name.
Thank God MTO had a story on him and Lauren London.

I see you Lauren.

I’d also want something fine to look after something like Lil’ Wayne.
Then again,
Lil’ Wayne looks like the type that would beat your kill your shit and then beat it out of resurrection.

(lowkey: he looks like a dude that is trying to talk to me now)

Orlando is a step up in the looks department BUT a step down in FIANCE department.
And I’m LOL that someone got the flight information.

Can a nigga not creep anymore?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Meat Of The Minute: Orlando Scandrick”

  1. Thank God. 🙂 This Clears up June Rumor with Lauren and Trey. Hopefully this clears up the rest from then to now so I can watch This Christmas this year. Orlando is cute. Better than weezy. What happen to Michael? Ummmmmm they both play on the same team. This is the third football player she dated……….

  2. So wait…does Orlando look like the guy trying to talk to you or is it Lil’ Wayne?

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