Meat of the Minute: AchileF


meet: Achilles.
Bonafied sexpot and sinfully delicious.

I was reading my timeline one day and someone asked if he had died.
So I was curious to see who they were speaking about.
A Fox like me is always concerned….

I got to his page and saw this:

…. He was added INSTANTLY.
He seems very down to earth.
Different from these other pretty boys that run on Twitter.
You know, all looks with all the right kind of boring.

Follow that.

Achilles plays football for FAMU and does part time modeling.
I would love if he did part time Fox hunting.
I would love to be caught.

Next Twitpic:

dressed up as a Gladiator.
A long sword with some protective armor.

Read in between those lines of you want.

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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