Foxy Lifestyle: Fox, Wolf, and Werewolf.

I always get asked:

“Jamari, what is a Fox?”
“What’s a Wolf?”
“Am I a Fox? or Am I a Wolf?”

Well, I’ll tell you…

A Fox is someone who plays the submissive role.
A Fox can be dominant too but a Fox is preferably a bottom (or a female).
Foxes usually have their act together and are going places.
Foxes are NOT messy.
Foxes are sexy.
Foxes move in silence and strike when the time is right.
Foxes have swagg and like the finer things in life.
A Fox can be a man or a woman.


A Wolf is the dominant individual.
Wolves are a lot more aggressive than Foxes… and that is why Foxes love them.
Wolves usually are TOPS or straight men.
Wolves have a certain swagga that says, “I’m the man and I get shit done.”
Wolves are NOT sloppy.
Wolves make you say “Damn” by either sight or sound.
Wolves are chasing a dream and are out to make sure they are always good.

Wolves make us Foxes very very VERY happy once caught.


A Werewolf is a Fox with a little bit of Wolf in him.
He is the heightened version of a Fox… but he said fuck that shit and turned bad.
Werewolves are more confident Foxes and are only out for theirs.
They know what they want and go after it HARDBODY without looking foolish.
They have a elevated sexual presence.
You know a Werewolf when you see him.
He usually has Wolves wrapped around his finger and gets what the fuck he wants.

Every Fox has a Werewolf in him.

… and there you have it.

Which one are you?

Author: jamari fox

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