guess whose bizzack from their cancellation?

the only time i cancel someone(s) is if they murder,
or commit any kind of other heinous act against another.
i may give cancellation points if you’re:

Sidebar: I’ve never met a rude celeb.
They say don’t meet your heroes but I’ve been lucky.

everyone was all set to cancel will smith over “slap gate” at the oscars.
i had my feelings about it but i wasn’t gonna cancel him.

When folks cancel half of white Hollywood for their shenanigans…
we can chat.

it wasn’t looking too good for will months after,
but it looks like all is moving forward

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The Aspiring Porno Star Wolf Who Got His First Shine-r In The Foxhole

well i’m flattered.

i think.
remember this foXXX?
NSFW as always…


well who knew the wolf being featured was an aspiring porno star?
who knew my site would be his first promo….

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Foxy Lifestyle: Fox, Wolf, and Werewolf.

I always get asked:

“Jamari, what is a Fox?”
“What’s a Wolf?”
“Am I a Fox? or Am I a Wolf?”

Well, I’ll tell you…

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